Pinnacle esports betting site review

Pinnacle is an online bookmaker which was founded in 1998. As a bookmaker, it prides itself on welcoming winners, and does not turn away highly successful gamblers whose bets might be limited at more mainstream bookies. Pinnacle also likes to state that it offers the best available odds on any event. The company is serious about esports, and offers plenty of markets to customers who can legally use the site to bet.

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Overview / esports Betting & Markets

The company’s license does not extend to some territories, however, though Pinnacle has applied for a licence to operate once again as a legal bookmaker in the UK, a territory it departed in 2014 due to changes in legislation. Here, this Pinnacle esports betting site review will evaluate the company to see what it can offer to fans of League of Legends gaming.

For esports fans, Pinnacle offers a good selection of markets. Its esports betting hub page is a one-stop shop for betting markets, fixture lists and general esports news, as well as being a good source of betting tips and other information. Very few other bookmakers give esports this kind of respect, and the site has a good rating in this regard. This League of Legends (LoL) betting site review found that Pinnacle has offered markets on most of the major LoL events in recent years, such as the Mid Season Invitational and the Tencent Pro League.

The Mid Season Invitational, or MSI, event is where the best teams from each region compete against each other, in a truly international tournament. In 2017, fans will be tuning into Twitch to see the likes of Virtus Pro represent Russia, Red Canids represent Brazil, and Team SoloMid represent North America. The Korean teams are always world class, though, and many Reddit discussions will focus on whether or not SK Telecom T1 will take home first prize.
Certainly, their all-Korean line-up, featuring the likes of Top Laner Seung ‘Huni’ Hoon Heo, and Jungler Han “Peanut” Wang-ho, will prove hard to beat, and is sure to provide some quality entertainment for fans.

Website Functionality, Mobile Betting

Pinnacle is a slick and highly usable website, though its design does look a little less polished than some of its more mainstream rivals. It is very easy to find the available markets, and the esports events schedule is a particularly useful feature for LoL fans. Placing a bet is also very simple, with an intuitive interface making every aspect of the process very straightforward. Odds are presented in the decimal format, which makes calculating potential winnings very simple, especially for newcomers to the world of sports betting who may not be familiar with the fractional odds format favoured by UK bookmakers.


Although Pinnacle does not currently have an app available for download, there is a mobile version of its main site available. This offers a suitably tailored experience for those gamblers who like to bet on the move.

Pinnacle also offers live, in-play options on selected esports events, including for LoL. Players who are keen to place in-play bets should check on the site to see whether or not their preferred event is being covered.

Live Streaming, Bonuses and Extra Features

Fans of LoL who want to watch live streams will not find them available on Pinnacle. However, Twitch is a great place to watch live streams of all the major esports events. Many teams have sponsorship or partnership deals in place with Twitch, so fans of particular teams or players should check on team websites for streams of specific matches.

This League of Legends (LoL) betting site review found that Pinnacle does not offer any specific cash bonuses for new or more established players. There is a real bonus to using Pinnacle, though, and that is the depth of background information and other help that gamblers can find at the site. As well as articles which focus on esports, there is a wealth of general sports betting insight available at the site, which can be used to help inform overall betting strategies.

The company also offers some of the best odds available, providing better value than betting exchanges. The company also has higher betting limits than other bookmakers, making it the site of choice for successful gamblers who like to bet big.

4. Customer Service, Licence, Security

Customer service options at Pinnacle are somewhat limited, with a contact tab the only means of contacting the company if you have a query. A critical Pinnacle esports betting site review might feel that the company could do better in this regard. However, it is worth bearing in mind that Pinnacle brands itself as a bookmaker for serious, high stakes gamblers, who tend to need less guidance than more inexperienced customers.

Pinnacle is a safe site to use, though. Customers can use a number of secure means to deposit money in their accounts, including Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards. Players can also use Neteller, Skrill, Paysafe and other secure payment methods, or transfer funds directly from their account. Pinnacle uses Network Solutions security services on its site. It also enjoys a good reputation amongst the world’s gambling and betting community, indicating that its security systems work well.

The licensing of the site presents problems for UK-based gamblers, who cannot use the site to bet real money legally. This is due to Pinnacle currently having no licence to operate in the United Kingdom, having withdrawn from the market in 2014 due to changes in legislation. News reports in the latter part of 2016 indicated that the company had applied for a licence to operate once again in the UK.

The company is licensed in Curacao, in the Dutch Antilles, and also has a Class II licence in Malta, meaning that it can operate legally in many European countries outside of the UK. Customers should always check that their territory is covered by the company’s licence before trying to bet any cash, as otherwise they could partaking in rule breaking.

Pinnacle LoL Betting Promotion Always Best Odds with the Lowest Margins Open Account