League of Legends Championship Series EU


League Of Legends EU Championship Series

League Of Legends EU Championship Series

The League of Legends Championship Series is split into two geographic regional tournaments – for Europe and for North America. Here, we’ll take a look at the European version, examining the structure of the tournament, as well as some of the top teams and players.

League Of Legends EU Championship Series Format and Structure

The EU LCS consists of ten teams, who are divided into two groups of five for the regular season. The season is split into spring and summer sections, with the winners of the Summer Split automatically qualifying for the World Championships and designated as Europe’s top seed. This means that winning the EU LCS is worth more than just half of the total $100,000 prize pool. As well as that $50,000 first prize, the winners get the chance to play against the world’s best teams, with the 2017 World Championship being held in China.

The structure of each tournament is fairly straightforward, with the ten teams being divided into two groups of five. The teams within each group play each other twice, from weeks one to three of the tournament and in weeks seven to ten. They also play the teams from the other group in a single round robin, taking place in weeks four to six. All matches are best of three games. The top three teams in each group standings advance to the play-offs, with the third placed teams facing the second placed teams for a spot in the semi finals. The winners of these quarter finals then join the group winners in the semi-finals, where the teams are reseeded. All matches in the play-offs are best of five games.

Joining the Summer Split winners in the World Championships, are the team who have acquired the most championship points throughout the season (these are given for impressive plays and MVp awards). The third European seed at the World Championships is provided by the winner of the EU Regional Qualifiers.

The bottom teams from each split play in a relegation/promotion play -off against the top teams from the Challenger Series. This ensures that no single player in the tournament can take their place for granted.

Teams and Players

In the 2017 Spring Split, the teams taking part were Fnatic, G2 Esports, GIANTS! Gaming, H2k-Gaming, Misfits, Origen, ROCCAT, Splyce and the colourfully named Unicorns of Love and Vitality. This list includes some of the top esports teams in Europe, with some well-known and respected names in that group of 10. There have been some outstanding performances in recent years too, with players like 17-year-old Andrei ‘Xerxe’ Dragomir, the Jungler for Unicorns of Love, putting in accolade-winning performances. Other big names who have performed well in the LCK EU include Xerxe’s Unicorns of Love team mate Kiss ‘Vizicsacsi’ Tamás, the team’s Top Laner, as well as Kim ‘Trick’ Gang-Yun, the Jungler for G2 Esports, and his team mate Luka ‘PerkZ’ Perković, who plays as a Mid Laner.

With a host of Europe’s top LoL gamers in action, the European League of Legends Championship series can always be relied upon to produce great action for spectators and fierce competition between Earth’s greatest League of Legends champions.