League of Legends Betting – Is it Legal?


As esports continues to grow in popularity, so has the demand for being able to bet on tournaments and matches. While the legality of this kind of gambling has been somewhat uncertain in recent years, there is now plenty of opportunity to bet legally on League of Legends events.

The question of whether or not League of Legends betting is legal or not really depends on where you are located in the world. If you are resident in the USA, then online betting on esports events is not allowed. While there are some sites in the USA which offer betting on LoL and other esports, American customers are not allowed to bet using real money. Instead, they must place wagers using the site’s own tokens, which can often be exchanged for real prizes via some kind of raffle. No real money can be staked at all, and the tokens cannot be exchanged for cash.

The good news is, though, if you are not based in the United States, there are plenty of legal ways of betting on League of Legends events.

Types of Bookmakers

When looking for a bookmaker who accepts League of Legends bets, it is important to check where they are licensed. Some bookmakers have licences to operate legally in some countries, but not others. Many bookies are based, for legal reasons, in Malta, where their licences allow them to operate throughout the EU. A Maltese licence does not guarantee that a bookie is legal in the UK, though, where the rules are slightly different. Many British bookmakers will be registered in Gibraltar, which entitles them to operate legally in the UK. Discovering this should be fairly easy, as, even when it is not immediately apparent where a bookmaker is licensed, they will often not accept any attempts to open an account if you are located in a country their licence does not cover.

Most mainstream sports bookmakers now offer esports markets, though the extent of these markets does tend to vary, often quite considerably. Mainstream bookmakers which provide a good range of esports markets include William Hill, Betway and Betfred. The final choice of which bookmaker you use depends entirely on your preferences, though factors to be taken into account include the variety of markets available, the range of events covered, the quality of bonuses on offer, and how seriously the company takes esports.

Betting Strategies

The kind of esports betting legal sites offer mainly consists of placing wagers on individual matches within tournaments. Odds are often quite low, depending on which teams are involved, and it is a useful betting tactic to use accumulator coupons, which combine several bets into one, potentially much more lucrative, bet.

Many online bookmakers now also offer the chance to place in-play bets on matches which are taking place live. This is a great way to bet for esports fans who are watching live streams, and who also have good knowledge and insight into LoL. Combining in-play bets with bets on match outcomes, and the overall tournament winner, is a great way of maximising possible winnings.