League of Legends Explained


Despite its popularity, to many, League of Legends is still somewhat of an enigma, with its rules and gameplay perhaps hard to follow at first. This LoL explained page will give you a much clearer indication of what it is all about, in turn making it easier to place bets on one of the most complex titles in the whole of esports.

What is League of Legends?

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, where the ultimate objective is to defend, with each team or player taking control of a unique unit, known as the champion. As well as this, four allies are utilised in order to take on the opposing team, in a bid to destroy their central building, the Nexus. However, it is not as simplistic as this, with computer-controlled units, or minions, also making life difficult for players by marching down the three lanes in which the game is separated by. These minions will ultimately find their counterparts from the opposition team, immediately engaging in battle as a result.

Each of the three lanes are also defended by a whole host of strong towers, with the minions crucial in overcoming these structures. While larger groups act quickly to destroy enemy turrets, smaller groups can also be utilised, acting as cannon fodder for champions. Teams receive valuable gold for taking down such structures. Not only does gold empower each player, it can be used in order to buy different items, as well as helping to reach new levels. The first five levels within LoL allow each champion to enhance one of their basis skills, while the game changes dramatically when level six is reached. At this point, powerful spells have the ability to completely destroy an enemy’s attempts of victory.

Create a champion and conquer LoL

With more than 50 unique items available for purchase, each will impact the performance of champions in different ways. Examples include the ‘Infinity Edge’, which provides maximum damage, while the ‘Warmog’s Armor’ significantly benefits the health of a player. An unexpected item purchase can often be the difference between victory and defeat. Early stages of League of Legends revolve around fighting off as many minions as possible, whilst also denying your opponents in doing the very same thing, with the latter stages of games seeing fights breaking out more sporadically.

The bottom section of the map is home to the mighty dragon, with teams able to slay it five times over the course of a game almost guaranteeing victory. Elsewhere,’ Baron Nashor’ is located in the top half of the map, with slaying him another way of winning the game, or at worst causing significant damage. While killing minions, defeating champions and destroying buildings may appear a simply game to follow, League of Legends explained in greater detail is so much more. Tactics play a huge role in determining success or failure, with the winning team often the one who can execute the most difficult of manoeuvres, while others look to avoid conflict until it is necessary.