Unicorns of Love



Team Overview

Unicorns of Love are one of the better known teams on the LCS circuit in Europe, and their distinctive pink unicorn logo is very well known. A German-based team, they were formed in 2014, and have risen quickly to being one of the top ten teams in Europe. Known for the unpredictable playing style, and often some eccentric seeming team selections which have been the subject of many intense discussions on Reddit, they are often guilty of inconsistency and a degree of underachievement. Nevertheless, they have become a key part of the LoL circuit, and have big following of fans, as well as some of Europe’s top players on their roster.


The sheer unpredictability of the team has often worked to their advantage, as seen in the 2015 EU LCS Spring play-offs. Here, Unicorns of Love became the first team to beat a number one seed in the semi-finals of a play-off, when they beat SK Gaming.
Also in 2015, the team finished in fifth place of the LCS Europe Spring Season, with Tristan ‘PowerOfEvil’ Schrage, producing some really fine performances which earned him two MVP awards. They went on to finish second overall in the final standings, after qualifying for the play-offs, losing in the final to Fnatic. Unicorns of Love also reached the play-off semi-finals in the Summer Split in 2015. The team won its first event in 2016, beating Flash Wolves in the final of the EM Season XI – Oakland.

Branding & Sponsorship

The team’s logo is a distinctive pink unicorn, a design which reflects the team’s eccentric approach to competitive gaming. The team jersey is the same shade of pink. Similarly pink wallpaper can be downloaded to decorate fans’ digital devices. Unicorns of Love have a marketing partnership with Lagardère Sports, and also have sponsorship deals with Twitch TV, Need for Seat, Alienware and eNgage.

Team Roles, Expertise, Divisions

Despite being based in Germany, the Unicorns of Love LoL team are far from limited to one country when it comes to their in house roster of players. Hungarian star Kiss ‘Vizicsacsi’ Tamá’s roles are to lead the team, as well as to play as top-laner. Allied to his experience and expertise is the youthful enthusiasm of the team’s jungler, Andrei ‘Xerxe’ Dragomir, a 17-year-old Romanian. Fabian ‘Exileh’ Schubert is the team’s German mid-laner, a 19-year-old whose professional esports career began in 2013. Spaniard Samuel ‘Samux’ Fernández Fort plays as the team’s AD-Carry, though he has previously played as top-laner. Zdravets ‘Hylissang’ Galabov is a Bulgarian 21-year-old, whose role in the team is that of Support.

Roster & Achievements

Unicorns of Love team’s multi-national, pan-European roster won Group B of the EU LCS Spring Split in 2017. This came after finishing in the 5th-6th tier at IEM XI World Championship, where they took home $7,000 in prize money. This built on their Oakland win in 2016, and the series of fourth and fifth places that they managed in the Summer and Spring LCS splits.