Team Vitality



Introduction / Team Overview

Team Vitality is a French esports organisation, which was formed in December 2015. The Team Vitality LoL team competes in the LCS EU competition, in which they acquired a place in December 2015 thanks to purchasing Gambit Gaming’s spot. They are yet to really hit the heights so far in their short career, with the team finishing with nine match ties in the 2016 EU LCS Summer Split, more than any other team. Those results meant that they finished in seventh place in the Spit, avoiding having to play in the Spring Promotion, but also ensuring that they did not make the play-offs. Finding consistency of performance remains an issue for the team in 2017.


Highlights / Strengths

The team’s obdurate refusal to be beaten is certainly a strength, but has found them tying games rather than winning them during their short history, and this has affected their place in tournament standings. Nevertheless, the team has a very strong management team in place. Owned by Frenchmen Fabien ‘Neo’ Denive, and Nicolas Maurer, the team’s head of esports is Kévin ‘Shaunz’ Ghanbarzadeh. Their experience and knowledge is backed up by team coach Heo ‘irean’ Yeong-cheol, a Korean who earned his stripes as a player with Xenics Storm and Saigon Jokers. Reddit discussions for the future are sure to centre on whether or not the Team Vitality LoL team can turn some of these draws into wins.

Branding / Sponsorship / Logo

The team’s logo is a stylised design, which resembles a head-on view of a flying insect. The team jersey is black, with yellow and grey trim, and is manufactured by sportswear giants Adidas. This partnership gives their merchandise a very professional look. The team wallpaper can be downloaded for digital devices. The team also has a deal in place with French media company Canal+, another massive company. Other sponsors include Xbox One, Burn Controller, Quersus, Omen and Daily Motion.

Team Roles / Expertise/Divisions

There is heavy French influence on the team’s roster of players as might be expected. Lucas ‘Cabochard’ Simon-Meslet is the team’s Top Laner, and he is complemented by fellow countrymen Charly ‘Djoko’ Guillard, the team’s Jungler, and Pierre ‘Steelback’ Medjaldi, who is the team’s AD Carry. These French players are joined in other roles by Norwegian Mid Laner Erlend ‘Nukeduck’ Våtevik Holm, and Support player Ha ‘Hachani’ Seung-chan, a South Korean.

Roster & Achievements

The team’s best performance to date came in March 2016, when they managed a third-place finish in the LCS EU Spring Split, following this up with a fifth/sixth tier finish in the play-offs. They followed this up with a seventh place at the LCS EU Summer Split. In 2017, they have finished fourth in the Spring Split’s Group B. Too many draws have limited the team’s success so far in their short existence. Changes to the league format that prevent draws should help them to collect more wins in 2017, as should the addition of players such as Steelback and Hachani, who add some real experience and talent to what the team already had in house.