Team Roccat started out as a CSGO team in 2007, however, having been a big part sponsor for several years on the League of Legends circuit, they made the big and bold move to step it up with their acquisition of Polish new-boys Kiedyś Miałem, following their impressive 3-0 panning of strong favourites Ninjas in Pyjamas at the 2013 Spring Promo Tournament. Since this acquisition, Team Roccat have been blasting off again and again, scoring some big victories against more established teams.

Highlights and Strengths

Team Roccat came out swinging in 2014 with a strong 3rd place at the Spring Playoffs with (now ex-) teammates Overpow and Vander picking up weekly MVP accolades. While their mid-season was admittedly rocky, their showing at the ECS Summer playoff semi-finals – and their eventual 3-2 loss to Fnatic – was much tighter than anyone ever expected. Although missing out on the Worlds qualification, it proved they could be big hitters and set Reddit ablaze with fandom and probably resulted in a few more fanboy wallpapers being downloaded. 2017 has seen the team reform with a mix of new and old players on their roster, each expressing their desire to make it to the Worlds this year. Keep your eye on the standings as this team wants to hit it big.

Branding / Sponsorship / Logo

Team Roccat takes their logo from their main sponsors, Roccat; the half-moon wildcat combo in blue on a black or white background illustrating the teams desire to leap for the stars and join the greats in the stratosphere. The team’s jersey incorporates Roccat’s core colours black with a blue logo and blue collar and sleeve trims, and the team’s logo “set the rules” dominant below.

Team Roles / Expertise / Divisions

Following a dominant Spring 2017 showing, it appears that Roccat’s roster juggling has paid off and their latest iteration is set for big things. With players from all four corners of the world; at Jungle is UK born Nubar “Maxlore” Serafian, a beast when it comes to ganking. In the support role is rookie Kim “Wadid” Bae, who tells Roccat fans that he is not just “another random Korean” and that his plays will speak for themselves come time. He has formed a strong relationship with the team’s AD Carry, Peter “Hjärnan” Freyschuss, and between them they make up a formidable Bottom Lane combo. The team is rounded off with the formidable rookie Ambrož “Phaxi” Hren tanking the top lane and the clinical and highly focused Felix “Betsy” Edling at Mid the only returning player from 2016.

Roster and Achievements

Team Roccat’s earnings have been steady throughout the years, having racked up over $50,000 in prize money over the course of their history – already more than their CSGO team of old and. With 2017 already looking to be a good year, you can be sure that they’ll rake in more this year. Taking 4th at the 2017 ECS Spring Split in Group A, the team has given themselves plenty to build on and we can expect big things from them this year. Keep an eye on Twitch and Reddit for all the latest Roccat news.