Team EnVyUs


Team Overview

Team EnVyUs formed as an esports team back in 2009 in the United States, although their League of Legends division didn’t really get going until they acquired many of the Team Renegade roaster in early 2016.
Starting out with players Seraph, Ninja, and Hakuho, various roster changes since then have meant the team has struggled to find form. Now with a new head coach, Falco, this is a team hoping to work their way up the NA and world standings in 2017. They’re currently just 64th in World standings and 12th in NA and are based in the team house in Los Angeles.



Team EnVyUs is a big name in esports. Their League of Legends team is still relatively new and has yet to really hit the big time, but with a powerful support crew behind them and a name to really live up to, the LoL team is pushing on and up this season.
Between their two experienced Korean players (Seraph and Lira), EnVyUs play with the top lane constantly covered, Seraph dedicating his role to that lane and having Lira as a clever jungler.

Branding & Sponsorship

The Team EnVyUs LOL logo is simple but suave. You can buy your team jersey in the store, a great black shirt, circles radiating out from the NV logo. Team EnVyUs is sponsored by Monster, HyperX, ZOWIE, DXRACER, legato gaming, SCUF GAMING and NZXT. There’s a passionate online EnVyUs community on social media and you can follow the team’s streams on Twitch and Reddit.

Team Roles, Expertise, Divisions

Wu-Yeong “Seraph” Shin plays as top-laner and captains the team. Alongside Seraph, Tae-yoo “Lira” Nam is a top Jungler, really impressive on the Rift, and plays various roles, from Lee Sin to Kindred. With a load of experience, he’s just what a revamped team EnVyUs to do well this 2017 season. Geon-woo “Ninja” Noh started as a loan from the Dragon Knights, but he’s found a home at EnVyUs North America that seems to agree with him. He partners Seraph on the lanes expertly. EnVyUs brought Seraph and Ninja in to the team in May 2016 and they’ve soon re-established a partnership that will only surely only strengthen. Apollo Price has played AD-Carry for Team Impulse, Team Dignitas, and Team Apex before his recent addition to the Team EnVyUs roster in December 2016, bringing some much needed know-how to the base of the map, while Nickolas “Hakuho” Surgent plays support as Braum, Alistar with great skills.

Roster & Achievements

The current Team EnVyUs roster consists of Seraph, LirA, Ninja, Apollo, and Hakuho. As their new to the scene, they’re more like the one-to-watch than the ones-to-know, but there’s plenty of time for victory in the upcoming Championships.
They really launched with their 6th at the July 2016 NA LCS Summer Round Robin. Following this they did well in both NA LCS Summer Playoffs and Regional Finals. But each time they came unstuck against Cloud9, placing 8th in playoffs and 9th in finals. You know that’s got to hurt, and the EnVyUs / Cloud9 rivalry will only spur this team on to real heights in the NA LCS League this year.