Team Overview

Team Splyce were formed on October 29th, 2015, then under the name Team Dignitas after Follow esports purchased the team for qualifying in the LCS EU. They underwent a rebrand in the following December, with the player roster evolving alongside. Despite the reshuffle, Splyce began to operate with headquarters in North America and assembled a full house of diverse European players hailing from Denmark and Slovenia. It was not until 2016 that the team’s aggressive and explosive playstyles began to gain them traction. After causing a stir at Spring and Summer EU LCS circuits in 2016, the team began to dominate debates and discussions on Reddit. Their popularity is barrelling forward.


One of the team’s most overwhelming strengths is unquestionably top-lane player Martin ‘Wunderwear’ Hansen, whose cross-champion versatility pits him as a multi-talented addition to the team. Hansen was 16 years old at the time of the 2016 season, the youngest professional player in the entire EU LCS with an early talent that would only grow with years. Team Splyce’s German manager Hans Christian Duerr guides this proactivity, who himself has garnered a wealth of experience and success. Duerr has managed EU and CIS LoL teams at Natus Vincere and co-founded the WoW portal Manaflask, later managing Ensidia and For the Horde. In combining young talent with the wisdom of a veteran teacher, Team Splyce are perfectly poised to take the competitive LoL world by storm.

Branding & Sponsorship

Splyce’s team colours are yellow and black, the logo a coiled serpent with its fanged mouth agape. Their 100% polyester jersey stays faithful to their colour scheme and branding, as do the digital downloads in their wallpaper amongst other merchandise. The team have also cemented sponsorship deals with Corsair, ViewSonic, GFuel, Scuf Gaming, and AMD. They have also secured particular sponsor support from Twitch, with Team Splyce using the site and regularly displaying their talents via live streaming.

Team Roles, Expertise, Division

Splyce’s player roaster spans multiple countries, despite being based in North America. Whilst Hansen regularly mans the top lane, his fellow Danish players fleshing out the team roles are Jonas ‘Trashy’ Andersen as the Jungler, Chres ‘Sencux’ Laursen typically the Mid Lane, Kasper ‘Kobbe’ Kobberup with the AD Carry, while Slovenian Mihael ‘Mikyx’ Mehle rounds out the tight ship on Support. Andersen’s determination has led to wins in the 2015 NA Challenger Series Spring Split and multiple wins in Danish tournaments, while contrastingly Mehle is relatively new to the LCS scene.

Roster & Achievements

Despite a mixed record of performance, team Splyce have battled valiantly for their standings. They faced difficulties on the circuit in 2016 by working to reclaim their LCS spot from the relegation tournament, defeating their opponents 3-2. Furthermore, although trouncing Unicorns of Love for a slot at Worlds, the team ultimately came short, exiting the group stage in a blaze of glory. However, in the 2017 Spring Split they surpassed the group stage, their successes this time ending in the quarterfinals after winning the first two games in the series. However, it’s the relentless mission of Splyce to use any failures as fuel for further fights – that’s what we like to hear.