SK Telecom T1


SK telecom T1 team info

Introduction / Team Overview

SK Telecom T1 is a professional esports team based in South Korea, with SK Telecom having previously sponsored their two sister teams, S and K. Having originally been formed as a Starcraft team, SK Telecom T1 are now one of the world’s leading League of Legends competitors, having won the World Championship on three occasions, in 2013, 2015 and 2016, despite having only formed their team in 2012. SK Telecom T1 is part of SK Sports, which also includes baseball team SK Wyverns and basketball team the SK Knights, with their LoL team regularly finishing at the top of the standings.

Highlights / Strengths

The SK telecom T1 LoL team is undoubtedly one of the best teams in the history of League of Legends, with no other esports team able to compete with their history and successes. As previously mentioned, SK Telecom T1 have three LoL World Championships to their name, including two successive triumphs in 2015 and 2016. Despite a slow start to 2016, they quickly rediscovered their form by the time of the much-coveted IEM Katowice, eventually finishing first in the Champions Spring, as well as winning the Mid-Season Invitational in Shanghai. With arguably the strongest mid laner in the world in the form of Sanghyuk “Faker” Lee, along with a roster packed full of talent, it is difficult to see anything stopping even more success in the near future.

Branding / Sponsorship / Logo

SK Telecom T1 certainly stand out when they are competing at some of the biggest LoL events around the world, with their red jerseys instantly recognisable among esports fans, as well as opponents. Both their team logo and website wallpaper also incorporate red, with the wings also helping them to stand out from other teams. The team is also sponsored by global apparel company New Balance, fast-food restaurant Kraze, and pharmaceutical companies Dong-A and Otsuka.

Team Roles / Expertise / Divisions

The SK Telecom T1 roster is perhaps the most complete in the whole of esports, led by head coach Choi ‘L.i.E.S’ Byoung-hoon. With Seung-Hoon ‘Huni’ Heo in the top position, Wangho ‘Peanut’ Han as jungle, Junsik ‘Bang’ Bae as ADC and Jaewan ‘Wolf’ Lee making up their starting roster alongside ‘Faker’, it is little wonder that they have achieved so much success. For those backing SK Telecom T1 to win a third successive World Championship title in 2017, be sure not to miss out on live action with Twitch, with Reddit also providing news in the build-up to the event.

Roster & Achievements

The SK Telecom T1 League of Legends team is made up by some of the world’s leading players, all of whom hone their skills at the team’s gaming house in South Korea. However, the most famous of which is certainly ‘Faker’. At just 20 years of age, Faker is already an icon within modern day esports, with the youngster having been given the nickname ‘Demon King’ as a result of his quiet demeanour. Faker has set the bar at an exceedingly high level, lifting the Summoner’s Cup on three separate occasions, as well as winning the Champions Summer and Winter, along with the Champions Spring in 2016.