Samsung Galaxy



Team Overview

Samsung Galaxy is a Korean pro League of Legends team backed by one of the biggest electronics corporations in the world. Samsung acquired the roster of MVP Ozone and MVP Blue in September 2013, rebranding them as Samsung White and Samsung Blue. Following the 2014 KeSPA rule changes banning one organisation fielding multiple teams in LOL, Samsung released the entire roster and went about creating the massively successful current team. Samsung Galaxy operates from their epsorts training house in Korea.


A second place at League of Legends World Championship 2016 and first at Intel Extreme Masters Gyeonggi saw 2016 end incredibly for this Korean team. That winning team is having an incredible start to the 2017 LOL season where they’re currently 4th raked in the world and 2nd in Korea. Previously the Blue and White teams consistently placed high in majors, with Samsung Galaxy White victorious at the League of Legends World Championships 2014.
This is a spectacularly consistently high achieving and stable League of Legends team that’s almost a sure-fire bet to finish high in all the standings this coming year.

Branding & Sponsorship

The Samsung Galaxy logo is, rather unsurprisingly, the blue stylised Samsung logo. And with a massive brand behind them, there really is no need for additional sponsorship! The team play in a snappy blue jersey with their team logo in white. Merchandise for Galaxy is sparse but of course, you can find team wallpaper to adorn your screens with as you follow the team’s rise on Reddit and Twitch.

Team Roles, Expertise, Divisions

The current line up has CuVee in top lane role improving all the time, Crown plays as a real stabilising influence down the mid lane, Ruler as AD carry and with support player Wraith displaying great ambition, brilliant Nami and Braum performances this team .is support capable of a truly massive carry performance.
The real key to Samsung Galaxy as a force in League Of Legends may well be Ambition, who joined in November 2015. His presence brought a real direction to what was a struggling team in the season. Previously an influential mid-laner, his switch to jungler early in 2015 proved a real bonus for Samsung Galaxy as he brings great shot calling and macro play to the team, and is one of the great powerfarming junglers.

Roster & Achievements

The current roster of Samsung Galaxy includes CuVee, Ambition, Crown, Ruler and Wraith. This is the same starting line-up of players that reached the 2016 World Championships Final in Los Angeles, only losing to the all-conquering SK Telecom T1, netting $760,500 in prize money. That thrilling final saw Samsung Galaxy push SK to 5 matches before ending their run as runners-up.
The breakup of Samsung Blue and Samsung White and the creation of a brand new Samsung Galaxy roster caused a few difficulties in 2015, but once established, this team turned into one that really works well together, prioritizes map objectives and has a phenomenally high first Dragon rate (67%) and Dragon control rate.