Introduction / Team Overview

Phoenix1 are a League of Legends esports team based in North America, with the team having been founded in 2016 after they inherited the NA LCS Summer Season, previously held by Team Impulse. The team is managed by Eric “LovePentaKills” Ma and Brendan “Saparino” Franco, who have led their players through a difficult opening to their life within esports, with Phoenix1 now among the best LoL teams around.

Highlights / Strengths

Having bought their LCS spot from Team Impulse, Phoenix1 endured a tough start with a roster that included the likes of Zig, Inori and Slooshi, ending their first split in eight position in the standings, with a 5-13 record. Having dropped to the 2017 Promotion Tournament as a result, Phoenix1 were able to secure their spot in the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split, thanks to a comfortable 3-0 victory over Echo Fox. During the offseason, the only players to re-sign with the team were Zig, Inori and Pirean, with the Phoenix1 LoL team adding a whole host of new players to their roster as a result. The team eventually made it to the Spring Split playoffs, before suffering defeat to Cloud9 at the semi-final stage.

Branding / Sponsorship / Logo

Despite being one of the newest in the world of esports, the Phoenix1 League of Legends team have made a substantial impact to date, with their bright yellow and orange logo and jersey certainly helping them to standout. These two colours also feature heavily on Phoenix1’s desktop website wallpaper, with the team only likely to gain more followers as their LoL form continues to improve. Although having only been founded in 2016, the team have also already made some lucrative sponsorship deals, with CyberpowerPC, Meta Threads and live-streaming company Twitch all now associated with Phoenix1.

Team Roles / Expertise/ Divisions

With a roster of nine players, each member of the Phoenix1 LoL team have different roles to play. With Jordan “Shady” Robinson and William “Stunt” Chen competing for the Support position, with South Korean duo Jun-sik “Pirean” Choi and Sang Wook “Ryu” Yoo battling for the Mid position. The latter is known for his unshakable resolve, with the former H2K and LCK player having made two trips to the LoL World Championships in the past. Ryu is now one of the most important members of the Phoenix1 roster, with his mind games often forcing opponents into making bad decisions. Alongside the aggression of Inori, the duo could well bring further success to the team.

Roster & Achievements

The current Phoenix1 LoL roster is made up by two players from the US, two from South Korea, as well as one Canadian. Canada’s Derek “Zig” Shao was once praised by many as the best top laner in the NA Challenger scene, and although he his form has wavered somewhat, the former Team Liquid star certainly still has plenty to offer. Meanwhile, having starred for Cloud9 previously, William “Meteos” Hartman has returned with Phoenix1 after some time away from professional action, with the Jungle set to provide the team with some competition for places. The entire roster hone their skills at the teams gaming house in the US.