Introduction / Team Overview

The Origen LoL team has its roots in Spain, having been founded in 2014 by Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño Martínez. Martinez, a former player with Fnatic, is also one of the players on the team’s roster, filling the role of Support. After a successful first year of existence, the team had to rebuild its squad from scratch in 2016. There were also rumours that xPeke was set to retire from esports, but thankfully for the team these proved false. Now with a multinational line-up, Origen’s squad features players from Korea, the Netherlands and Poland, and is a good mixture of youthful enthusiasm and veteran experience.

Highlights / Strengths

One of the team’s main strengths is undoubtedly xPeke himself. The ex-Fnatic and MyRevenge player brings a wealth of experience and success to the team. With an entirely new squad in place for 2017, xPeke’s experience and leadership is more important to the team than ever. More about his specific talents can be found in Reddit discussions. He is complemented by a backroom team which features German head coach Titus “LeDuck” Hafner, who has returned to the team after a previous spell in 2015. Although yet to see any real success, this experienced double act will surely help Origen to acquire some higher places in tournament standings than they have so far achieved.

Branding / Sponsorship / Logo

The team colours are light blue and black, and the team logo is a stylised ‘OR’ symbol. The jersey of the Origen LoL team is black with blue and white trim, though the team have worn blue shirts on occasion too. Fans can download various digital decorations, including wallpaper, in these colours. The team have sponsorship deals in place with Ozone and Alienware. The team also announced a partnership with Twitch TV in 2017, which should allow more of their fans to see more of their heroes in action via live streams.

Team Roles / Expertise/Divisions

The team at Origen has changed radically from the 2016 line-up. After a disappointing 2016, xPeke cleaned house and started afresh. As well as himself, Origen now features Jacob ‘Cinkrof’ Rokicki, a Pole who is the team’s Jungler. Other roles in the team are filled by Dutchman Erik ‘Tabzz’ van Helvert, the team’s AD Carry, and Korean Yoo ‘NaeHyun’ Nae-hyun, who is the Mid Laner.

Roster & Achievements

The 2015 EU Challenge Series saw Origen join the LoL circuit in real style. They powered through the 2015 EU Challenger Series Spring Split with an outstanding record of nine wins and one loss. This secured them a spot in the EU LCS. Subsequently, they claimed second place in the 2015 EU LCS Summer Split. This was followed up with them fighting their way through the 2015 EU Regional Qualifier, and securing a semi-final appearance at the 2015 World Championship. This remains their highlight so far, though the new roster will be hoping to add more to the honour roll in 2017.