Team Overview

Misfits is a professional esports organisation that has teams in numerous games, but most notably in League of Legends. Formed in May 2016, their original aim was to compete in the European challenger series summer qualifiers. Founded by Ben Spoont, together with syfy channel founders Laurie Silvers and Mitch Rubenstein, they quickly rose to prominence as one of the major LoL teams. Moving forward, Misfits successfully qualified for the ECS after defeating their opponent EURONICS Gaming, they then went on to finish first and qualify for the 2017 EU LCS Spring promotion tournament where they defeated Schalke and advanced to the EU LCS.


The Misfits have stormed their way through the 2016 summer split of the ECS, they’ve been turning heads not only with their strategy but their players too. The club also brought in Korean assistant coach Paragon back in December 2016 to help with all the transitions. One of their most recent highlights which also showed their dominance was when they beat Team Vitality in a convincing 2-0 win, they closed out the first game in the 43rd minute. Misfits then again took home the gold in game 2, proving once again that are an incredibly strong and capable team.

Branding & Sponsorship

NBA franchise the Miami Heat have invested in Misfits, with this taking place the Heat will assist with managerial duties around the brand, including a new rebrand to match the Heat colours, marketing, brand promotion and sponsorship. This investment will help open the exposure of the individuals on the team and to give them some recognition. Currently their logo is the smiling rabbit with red glasses and the print of ‘Misfits’ underneath in red lettering. This is then placed on either a white or black wallpaper background.

Team roles, Expertise, Divisions

Veteran LoL pro KaKAO, one of the best junglers out there, was the surprise signing of the season when Misfits underwent a major roster overhaul. He’s proved invaluable to the team’s success in European tournaments, as has newby PowerOfEvil in the mid-lane.

Any team looking to topple these guys in a best of three will do well to watch Barney Morris (Alphari) closely on his staple top lane, as he’s always looking to cause problems I support of KaKAO.

Roster & achievements

Misfits started their Roster with Alphari, Wisdom, SELFIE, Yuuki60 and Dreams, but just like many other teams Misfits underwent roster changes, as their journey carried on, along the way they picked up players who they thought would fit in well with the team. These included Hans who replaced Yuuki60 and Lamabear who joined as starting Jungler. They then announced that PowerOfEvil would be joining Alphari, Hans and that Ignar would be replacing SELFIE in the Midlane. To complete their roster they added KaKAO in the jungle. You can see how strong their roster is in their most recent achievements, in 2016 they came 1st in the EUCS Summer playoffs and the EUCS Summer split, in 2017 they came 2nd in the EULCS Spring split and 4th in the EU LCS Spring playoffs.