Introduction / Team Overview

Immortals are a professional esports team based in the United States. The team was founded back in October 2015 after securing the team 8 spot at LCS. While League of Legends is probably where they have their largest influence, they have since expanded and moved into CSGO, Overwatch and Super Smash Bros. The LoL team was founded back in June 2013 with Team 8, but in the 2015 rebranding the team changed their lineup with Dodo8 retiring from competitive play and moving in to manage the team. Since then, Immortals have enjoyed notable success which has caught the eye of investors such as Financier Michael Milken and film studio Lionsgate.

Highlights / Strengths

Immortals boast a sizeable audience on platforms such as Twitch and Reddit. While the main channel on Twitch only has 600 followers, members of the roster such as Flame provide over 6000 followers to the list. It is the devotion to the fans that sets Immortals aside – their moto, “Passionately owned, professionally run”. Owned by CEO Noah Whinston (who dropped out of school to start the company), it’s his and their mission to create a fulfilling gaming experience to all their fans. One of Immortals strengths has undoubtedly been their ability to use chaos to their advantage early game, creating chaotic environments and dominating the passive lanes, something other teams wouldn’t even think of.

Branding / Sponsorship / Logo

The Immortals logo sports a blue, bold centurion helmet with two interconnecting semicircle lines representing the “O” in Immortals. While the colour of the logo varies from wallpaper to wallpaper, it’s the sky blue that’s represented on the team jersey accompanied by a blue trim and grey stripes. The official roster jerseys can be found on Immortals’ website, where you can show your support for the team by purchasing wristbands, t-shirts and other items with that signature helmet on each product. Immortals have even expanded into underwear, recently being sponsored by Underwear Company MeUndies, featuring players from League of Legends in a “Quest for immortal love” video.

Team Roles / Expertise/Divisions

Ho-jong “Flame” Lee certainly burns bright in the Immortals team. A legend from Korea, Flame played in China before moving to America. He is said to be kind, with an interesting character, but when it comes down to business, he has high standards. A born leader, Joshua “Dardoch” Harnett is an aggressive ‘bring the house down’ carry-oriented player, with a superstar edge to his personality. After drawing attention for his almighty performance at Massacre, Cody Sun, the young North American talent was snatched up by Immortals. He may be young, but his rookie split has seen great improvement recently. Eugene “Pobelter” Park, formerly one of the youngest professional LoL players in history, Pobelter is a fierce midlaner with a reputation to match, winning the prize for the best Zed at the NA championship. Joo-sung “Olleh” Kim is a Korean player that roles support. Travelling all over the world, the plucky summoner is said to be among the friendliest of players in the league.

Roster & Achievements

The Immortals roster currently consists of 5 core members: Flame, Dardoch, Pobelter, Cody Sun and Olleh. Immortals started well in 2016 ending the Spring Split in first place (only losing once to Counter Logic Gaming), continuing in prime position in the summer split with a record of 33-3. However, the numbers just haven’t stacked in their favour with Immortals losing out to TSM and Cloud9 in the Spring and Summer. The team reacted to the disappointing performance by completely shaking up their roster. With so many new Summoners to the mix, Immortals position is unclear as we head through 2017. While the League team is not entering 2017 with the same standing as their CSGO team counterparts, they we certainly have the element of surprise on their side.