Team Overview

The Cloud9 LoL team are a North American esports team founded back in 2012, following the dissolution of Quantic Gaming. Jack Etienne is the owner of the team, with their League of Legends rosters competing in the League of Legends Championship Series and the North American League of Legends Series. The origins of Cloud 9 can be found in the League of Legends team, Orbit Gaming, with many of their current players having once played for the American team. Cloud 9 have recently purchased the Call of Duty team LGBT in order to compete in the CWL, while they already have established teams within Dota2, Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm. The Cloud9 LoL team also have their very own training house in which to hone their skills.


Despite being involved in a whole host of esports titles, it is League of Legends where Cloud9 have achieved their finest results, the first of which came in the Rising Star Invitational back in 2013, just a year after their founding. In the same year, Cloud9 would defeat Velocity esports to claim the National ESL Pro Series, which has been followed by successes in the NA LCS Spring Split, World Championships and IEM Season, where they finished at the top of the standings. For those unfamiliar with the tournaments involved in League of Legends, Reddit provide a breakdown.

Branding & Sponsorship

The Cloud9 LoL team have formed a whole host of lucrative partnerships during their time in the esports industry, with sponsorship deals with Twitch, Red Bull, iBuyPower and Logitech among the biggest around. Cloud9 are one of the most recognizable teams in the world of League of Legends, with their light blue and white jerseys now symbolic in the world of esports. Their instantly recognisable logo also makes full use of the colour blue, making up a cloud shape thanks to three conjoining number nine shapes. The Cloud9 desktop website has also been created using their eye-catching colour scheme, with a blue and white wallpaper making it easy-to-navigate.

Team Roles, Expertise, Divisions

Having exited the 2016 World Championships at the quarter-final stage, Cloud9 made some changes to their roster, in a bid to bring fresh motivation and skill. Jung Eon-yeong, known in the industry as Impact, was their undoubted MVP in 2016, taking down all before him in the second half of the year. Despite compatriots such as Looper and Flame having joined rival teams, the Korean is undoubtedly still one of the best around, with his role of top undoubtedly one of the most important in LoL. Elsewhere, Denmark’s Nicolaj Jensen is the mid for the Cloud9 team, with Canada’s Andy Ta acting as support. American duo Michael Kurylo and Juan Arturo Garcia play as sub and jungle respectively, while Zachary Scuderi is their AD.

Roster & Achievements

Cloud9’s current League of Legends roster is made up of players from a range of countries, including South Korea, Denmark and the USA. The dream team is well and truly back in 2017, with some promising new additions making them one of the strongest candidate for the biggest LoL tournaments and events.