League of Legends Betting Odds Comparison

LOL betting odds

League of Legends is arguably the most popular video game in the world – with millions of players and fans around the world immersing themselves in the minion-strewn arenas, often for financial gain in the form of esports betting.

In January 2014, there were over 67 million LoL fans playing every month throughout North America and Europe making League of Legends a huge industry in itself. There are regional competitions of the multiplayer online game in the US, Europe and Asia – all of which culminate in the mighty and prestigious League of Legends World Championships.

Overview of LoL Betting

League of Legends is, by this point, the most popular form of esports, so naturally betting on the battles that take place is an increasingly common way to enjoy the game and make a little cash out of it at the same time. Because LoL is so popular, most of the main bookmakers now take wagers on the game – and there’s often a variety of ways to do place your money, too. Punters can of course bet on the winner, which may be the easiest way to start off for people new to esports betting.

However, unlike other sports betting platforms, with LoL wagering it is possible to place your money on a range of different outcomes. With some bookmakers, you can get League of Legends betting odds on first blood, Baron Nashor slaying or potential Pentakill. It is also possible to get LoL betting odds on the outcome of qualifying rounds and handicaps. All these additional opportunities to put a little cash on the game make it much more exhilarating and potentially lucrative than more traditional sports betting – and are part the reason why League of Legends betting has become increasingly popular and the dominant form of esports betting for the foreseeable future.

An Overview of the Markets available for LoL Betting

As we briefly mentioned, there are an abundance of markets available for LoL betting, and most of the best form part of the annual League of Legends World Championship. In the run up to the World Championship, there is a whole host of regional events taking place throughout Europe, Asia and the United States. The most formidable gaming professionals battle it out at these competitions while esports fans grab a piece of the action by placing a bet or two. Here, we give a guide to all the main competitions for which you can get LoL betting odds:

  • The action kicks off with the first event of the season: the Dreamhack Summer, which is held every year at varying locations. The finest LoL professionals from the industry battled it out in 2011 with over 1.6 million people watching the action via live streaming.
  • Season 2 usually starts in the autumn of each year, with around 12 of the best League of Legends teams in the world taking part to compete for a multi-million dollar prize pool. Over 8 million people watched the Season 2 World Championship Grand Final in 2012 – making it one of the most watched esports events of all time.
  • The League of Legends Season 3 Championship takes place annually in late autumn, with around 14 of the top qualifying teams going for gold and generating wins for the millions of esports fans taking part from all over the world.
  • Popular markets that offer some of the best League of Legends betting odds include the LPL Spring Season; the LMS Spring Split; the LPL Spring Split; the LCK, EU and NA LCS Spring Split; the League of Legends TCL; and the League of Legends Master Series.

An Overview of our Odds Comparison Offering

Because League of Legends is such a popular eSport for betting, there is a wide choice of bookmakers who all take wagers on the big competitions and events. But, how do you know which sites are offering the best League of Legends betting odds? Here, we compare the bookmakers so you don’t have to – giving you all the information you need to make an informed (and hopefully lucrative) choice.

William Hill
If you’re looking for the security of betting on League of Legends with a well-established bookmaker, you can get decent odds with William Hill. The betting giant dates back to 1961, making this a provider you can trust. As well as good odds, William Hill also packs a punch with its welcome package: for a deposit of just £10, you can get £30 to play with and enjoy using to be on your favourite League of Legends events.

Ladbrokes is an especially good choice for punters who are just starting out in esports betting. If you’ve heard all about the exciting world of earning a bit of cash on the outcomes of nail-biting League of Legends events, but are concerned about being overwhelmed by all the betting options out there – Ladbrokes offers good odds within a simple and easy to understand format. Simply check your odds, make your choice, and place your pre-match bet before settling down to enjoy the action.

Betway has a dedicated section for esports on its website, so it’s easy to find all the available League of Legends markets as soon as you’re on their homepage. All the big events and tournaments are covered by this bookmaker – which, we don’t need to tell you, is one of the most respected brands in the industry. The odds offered compare well with competitors, and there’s a good welcome bonus package up for grabs too – which could be used to stretch potential wins even further.

Tipbet is one of the newest bookmakers taking bets on professional League of Legends play and a variety of other esports games and events. Because this is a new provider, the odds offered are very competitive – and there are also a wide choice of ways to bet and a lot of competitions being covered. New customers are welcomed into the fold with a ‘no deposit bonus’ and a welcome package – offering a chance to make those great odds even greater.

Loot-bet is also a relative newcomer to the esports industry, taking bets on all the major League of Legends competitions and on other popular games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Starcraft II and Overwatch. The loot-bet website is a vibrant explosion of colour and impressive graphics, with a specialisation in esports. There are some decent odds on offer for all the most popular LoL competitions – so it’s well worth checking out this site.

Pinnacle has been taking bets since 1998, and has moved into the esports arena with ease since then. A popular choice for League of Legends betting, this provider offers odds that are particularly good for punters who like to up the stakes for a heightened LoL experience. Unlike some other bookmakers – Pinnacle says ‘winners are welcome’, which isn’t surprising given how many savvy punters take advantage of the great odds and bonus offers.

Why You Should Use our LoL Odds Comparison Page

At lolbetting.live, we understand how important your League of Legends betting experience is. Decent odds from a bookmaker you can trust can make a good LoL livestream into a fantastic one. If you’ve done any research into wagering on League of Legends, Counter Strike, Dota 2 or any of the other esports games out there – you’ll probably have been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choice. We’ve gone through every site with a fine comb to find the bookmakers that offer the best odds and the most choice – so that you don’t have to.

We don’t just look at the odds being offered on one or two League of Legends events – we’ve conducted a thorough investigation of odds and offers over time at varying competitions during different times of the year. This means that you can rely on our LoL odds comparison page being a comprehensive guide to the best in the business.

As well as making sure that you know about the bookmakers offering the best odds on League of Legends betting, we’ve also had a look at the bonus packages and welcome offers that are available out there. If you’ve ever placed an esports bet before, you’ll understand only too well the value of having extra cash to play with. Pinpointing the best deals means that you can enjoy placing multiple wagers on all the big LoL competitions – while making a very minimal deposit. If you combine that with great odds from the best providers out there, you’re on to a winner!