Xpecial burnt out? What will he do next?


In a recent interview with the Blitz esports, one of the oldest competitive League of Legends players, ‘Xpecial’ has expressed his interest to move on. He mentions a possible option would be stepping into a coaching / mentoring role for other younger players and teams.

It is also highly likely that if he chooses to exit Phoenix 1 and transition out of competitive play, he may assume a casting role for Riot games, or another major tournament organiser.

This news comes as the League of Legends Summer Split begins to wrap up, where he along with his team begin to play their final games in the promotion tournament. This is usually the wind down period for many teams that do not enter the League of Legends world championships, as there aren’t many major events for the rest of the year. It is also the time where many players announce they will be taking a break, or in the worst case, retire from the scene all together.

Who is Xpecial?

Xpecial esports playerXpecial has competed in the North American League of Legends LCS for around 7 years. He currently plays for one of the regions’ top teams, Phoenix 1, approaching almost a year since he joined the team in September last year.

He primarily mains support as his role of choice in competitive play, however, his experience in the game has allowed him to branch to various roles. It has widely known Xpecial possesses great mechanical ability and overall map awareness, allowing him to have extremely good control of the mid lane and also ADC. From time to time, we can catch Xpecial stream not only support, but also his sub roles.

Xpecial made his big debut by joining NA’s top and most popular team, Team SoloMid, in April of 2011. From there, he stayed with TSM for 3 years as one of the most recognised support players in the whole region, most well known for his extraordinary map awareness. Xpecial then left TSM, remaining as one of the best players in the league, however, performance swayed ever since then.

Recap of past achievements

1st – 2011 World Cyber Games Grand Finals
1st – Season Two North American Regional Finals
1st – LCS North America Season 3 Spring Split / Playoffs (both)
2nd – 2014 NA LCS Spring Split / Playoffs (both)
1st – 2015 NA LCS Summer Split
1st – 2016 NACS Spring Split / Playoffs (both)
1st – 2017 Rift Rivals – Blue

What’s next?

In Xpecial’s interview with the Blitz esports, he hasn’t confirmed his direction for the 2018 year. He mentions he “has always been down to try stuff” and “really enjoys being on camera” while talking about casting.  Xpecial claims that casting had much less stress compared to coaching, as his previous experience with coaching UCI was like “sending (his) kids off and watch them trip” while being unable to do anything.

If he was to leave P1 next year, his ability would greatly help younger teams. That said, his continual on the camera wouldn’t be too bad either.