World Championship | Semi-finals Prediction


lol-world-championship-2017This coming weekend will see the top four teams battle it out to determine who will advance to the finals. The semi-finalists who qualify will compete for the title as the victor of the 2017 League of Legends World Championships along with $1,700,000USD~. It is likely both Korean teams will meet in the finals, a reflection of last year’s world championships which saw both SK Telecom T1 and Samsung fight for the top spot.

SK Telecom T1 vs. Royal Never Give Up

SKT has had a really rough time at worlds this year. While they managed to take the win in the end through their impeccable late game coordination and shot calling, they consistently struggled in the laning phase. SKT have shown to be much weaker compared to last year; while the Koreans tend to conceal their true strength, the games lately have been much too close for comfort even by their standards.

Royal Never Give Up, on the other hand, has been performing consistently at a high standard throughout the year, taking out first in their group. RNG aren’t a push over team like the others SKT have faced in the past. If SKT fail to address their early game immediately they will certainly fall to the hands of the Chinese. That said, SKT are not to be underestimated in any way, as they’ve done in the past – the Koreans are capable of completely astounding the crowd.

Prediction: SK Telecom T1 57% l Royal Never Give Up 43%

Team WE vs. Samsung Galaxy

WE are definitely the underdogs compared to the other teams in the semi-finals. The Chinese team had previously never even be considered as one of the semi-finalists at worlds, however, going 5-1 in groups is no easy task, something that can’t be achieved through luck.

Samsung, on the other hand, were last year’s runners-up at Worlds – their strength has always been very strong. For WE to overcome Samsung, they must play perfectly, as any mistake will allow Samsung to snatch a large advantage. While WE aren’t a bad team, they are definitely weaker compared to the Koreans – not only are their individual laners inferior in-terms of mechanics, Samsung’s coordination far surpasses WE.

Prediction: Team WE 24% l Samsung Galaxy 76%