2017 World Championship finals: SKT and SSG meet once again


Arch rivals SK Telecom T1 (SKT) and Samsung Galaxy (SSG), both top teams in the most successful region for competitive League of Legends, Korea, meet once again in the finals of the 2017 World Championship. These two teams have fought countless times in the past. SKT recently suffered two losses to SSG in the LCK Summer Split. This is likely to have an impact in the finals, as dropping the first match would likely spell the end of SKT. That being said, SKT still managed to topple SSG when it really counted, winning 3-0 in the round one of the LCK Summer Playoffs. This clearly shows SKT definitely has what it takes to defeat SSSG.

How have the teams performed at the World Championship?

As expected, SKT was placed first in Group A, only dropping one game (to ahq esports club). This propelled them into the quarterfinals against Misfits, who were previously regarded as one of the weaker EU teams. However, SKT almost crumbled under the pressure to perform, facing a 1-2 deficit, making some brave calls to finally scrape a 3-2 win. Their underperformance in the quarters led many to speculate that SKT could fall in the semi-finals against royal club. As expected, the semi-finals were nail-biting, with SKT once again dropping to a 1-2 deficit against the crowd favourites before securing a 3-2 win over the Chinese.

Meanwhile, SSG placed second in Group C, with a 4-2 standing, just qualifying for the quarterfinals ahead of G2 who went 3-3. SSG proceeded to shock to whole crowd, strongly smashing the tournament favourites and LCK Summer Playoffs champions, Longzhu Gaming, 3-2. Advancing to the semifinals, they were also able to overcome Team WE 3-1, exerting their dominance and proving a worthy competitor to the three-time world champions, SKT.

So, who will?

Honestly, it could go either way. If SKT really was concealing strategies, along with pick / bans, in the earlier stages, they should likely overwhelm SSG once again, as they had done in the LCK Summer Playoffs. That being said, if SKT had truly been struggling and do not have anything else to rely on, they’ll struggle and we could see a SSG victory.

How to get the most out of your bets – Top 5 betting tips

Review the two teams’ rivalry: Through observing past matches between the teams, you’ll be able to work out the pros and cons of each player and how each team performs against the other. In the current ardent meta, which greatly relies on the bot lanes, check who has the superior ADC and Support.

Check the player’s account history: This is seriously hard work. When pro players test new stats, builds and champions, they usually do it on non-disclosed smurf account. While it’s hard to find these, it’s certainly possible. Doing so would maximise your betting odds.

Never blind bet: Don’t place your bets simply because they’re your favourite team or have a good reputation. This takes away the opportunity to make a calculated decision.

Bet based on the odds: Even if one team is more likely to win, there is always a chance of an upset. If the odds are too low for the favourable team, it’s not worth the risk. You’ll be better off placing your money on the other team. This is especially true in games where the outcome could go either way.

Bet on results / map winners: These have much higher returns than simply betting on teams. In a tight match like this, the best of five will certainly not be a clean sweep. Knowing this boosts your odds, compared to a simply team v team overall win bet.