Week 5 NA LCS: Odds and Safe Bets


With half of the summer split completed and all the teams have completed their first match against all the other teams in the league, we move into the second half, where team-specific strategies will start to emerge. Because of this, many teams have also gotten situated with the new meta, as well as been able to stabilize their standings. This has propelled certain teams into the spotlight, as well as some into the darkness. So, let’s go over the teams who will most likely come out with the wins, and who will pose threats.

team dignitas orianna shockwave

Safe Bets

Team Dignitas: After a rough week going 0-2 at the end of the first half of the split, Team Dignitas look to redeem themselves and prove that they belong in the top of the standings. This will be more apparent, as they face off against bottom tier FlyQuest and Team Envy, both of whom have looked absolutely horrendous and don’t look to be getting any better. For an easy bet, look for Team Dignitas for a few quick wins.

Echo Fox: Although Echo Fox has been on a massive slump in the last few weeks, they still have a very strong line-up, and now that they have the first weeks behind them, they look to have a resurgence. As they go up against Team Liquid and FlyQuest, both of whom look to never recover from their horrendous starts.

echo fox league of legends

Challenging Bets

Team Solo Mid: Although TSM look absolutely dominant again, they have strong competition for the 5th week of competition. With Cloud 9 looking a little bit better than their original form, they will pose a bit more competition than the first match held. The real challenge will come from Immortals, in the fact that TSM will be looking for revenge against IMT. With IMT looking to cement themselves as the best team in North America, expect TSM to have a tough fight.

Counter Logic Gaming: With CLG completely dethroned and looking worse every week, they have a lot to patch up before we can say that they are a completely dominant team. Facing up against Cloud 9 and Team Liquid may not be the most challenging of weeks, but if you consider how CLG’s weaknesses have been completely abused as of late, it makes you wonder how much longer they will be at the top.

Wild Cards

Team Envy: Team Envy has had some great games, as well as some horrid ones. So far, they have shown that they can hold their own against higher competition, but are unsure of how to close out games. For that reason, look for them to turn the tables against their competition, especially against Team Dignitas.

Envy League of Legends Rookie mid laner nisqylol