URF set to come back!


After a long approaching 6 months wait, Riot has planned for the longed Ultra Rapid Fire mode to return. Ultra Rapid Fire is widely regarded as the most popular sub game mode around, beating other rotating game modes like Nexus Siege and Legend of the Poro King or even the permanent mode, All Random All Mid (ARAM). Riot has released All Random Ultra Rapid Fire onto the Public Beta Environment servers (PBE) in the recent PBE update. This will allow PBE players to ‘test’ the mode and find any existing bugs that Riot has frequently claimed comes attached when released.

What is the mode?

All Random Ultra rapid Fire will see players battling on the Summoner’s rift in a 2 teams, with an AMAZING buff, the ‘Awesome Buff of Awesomely Awesome Buffing’. While playing in AR URF / URF, all players will automatically receive a range of buffs (coming from the Awesome Buff of Awesomely Awesome Buffing), most notably the insane effect granting them 80% cool down reduction for all abilities, summoners and active items (beside guardian angel).

In addition, players will also be given enhanced attack speed, movement speed, higher tenacity, bigger crit damage and hugely increased passive gold. The specifics of the buff will be listed below.

  • Energy / Mana cost fully removed
  • 80% Cooldown reduction (Summoners, Items, Abilities)
  • Double attack speed (Ranged champions)
  • 5x attack speed (Melee champions)
  • +60 Movement speed
  • 25% Tenacity
  • +25% Crit Damage
  • 5x passive gold

In the AR URF, the usual level cap of 18 has also been removed. It has been tested that the max level has been raised to lvl 30, however, going past 18 will only provide your champion with additional HP/MP, not skill points. To nerf champions with healing abilities – as heals are essentially way too fast / effective and possess infinite sustain – healing effects have been dramatically decreased.

URF set to come back

As this is after all “AR” URF, this will mean players are set to receive a random champion out of the list of their available champs. This is obviously tragic news for some, as the original normal URF mode has yet to appear in over a year. AR Urf means that players will not be able to choose their champions, and in some cases, be forced to play a much weaker / boring champion in comparison to others. This will mean win in AR URF is hugely affected by RNG, as the team with the best champions like Eve, Fizz, Nidalee, etc would absolutely dominate other with Jinx, Rakan and Janna.

That said, it’s great that Riot has decided to bring back this mode, after so long, a gruesome FIVE to SIX months. While the AR URF has yet to release on the normal servers, many will soon hear the news and decide to come back to League just for this mode, the usual pattern which follows the announcement / release of URF. While the mode was previously intended to be an April fool type of joke, conjured up and released in 2015, the love many have for URF isn’t a simple lie.