Ups and downs from week 5 of the EU LCS


With the second week of the cross-group match ups underway, fans were in for a treat this week. Both newcomers, NiP and Mysterious Monkeys were up against each other and we were finally going to have one of them come away with a victory. The top of the table was about to get exciting too as both Fnatic and UoL had a match this week, and both teams looked to separate themselves from the competition.

Mysterious Monkeys vs Ninjas in Pyjamas

The first match up for the week was Mysterious Monkeys vs Ninjas in Pyjamas. With neither team having yet to win an actual game, let alone a series, neither teams will be pulling their punching going into this matchup. The first game was even for most of the first 30 minutes, but Mysterious’ Monkeys excellent dragon control along with surprise pick Mordkeiser gave them the tools they needed to gain the victory. In the second game NiP looked to be making a full come back, with impressive plays across the map, including a double kill from mid-laner ‘Nagme’. However, one bad decision after another allowed Mysterious Monkey to take advantage and convert a successful team fight into a baron play we secured them the first inhibitor and eventually the game.

Fnatic vs Splyce

The second game of the day had Top of the groups Fnatic against Splyce. While both teams showed excellent promise throughout the first game it was Fnatics team fighting expertise that shifted the game into their favour. Even with Splyce’s late game scaling composition, it was Fnatic that maintained control and showed great dominance. In the second game both teams looked to wait it out until the late game, but as always Fnatic showed why they are the top team in Europe right now and managed to slowly push down the turrets of Splyce, giving them the series win.

Team Vitality vs Roccat

Day two of week five and the first match of the day is tea vitality vs Roccat.  Considering Team vitality only had one win coming into this match, their first match was played excellently. With team vitality utilizing their strengths perfectly to push Roccat back to their base and gain the win. This game showed that ADC in 2017 is now a thing of the past as four marksmen made an appearance. Game two was more even in comparison to the first game, but with an impressive KDA of 8/0/6 from Team vitality’s ‘NukeDuck’ it was only a matter of time before Vitality were able to close out the game. This was an impressive day for Team vitality, not only winning both games but winning them convincingly too. However, has this increase in game mechanics and macro play come too late into the tournament for Vitality to really make an impact?

Misfits vs H2K

The second game of the day and it was Misfits vs H2K. With both teams feeling comfortable near the top of the table, this was one teams chance to extend their lead further while pushing the other further down. Game one started reasonably even, with both teams having similar gold at the 20-minute mark. Both teams were able to utilize their team composition, Misfits choosing a one three one comp, whereas H2K’s teams was more focused towards team fights. It was a final team fight around baron that allowed H2k to kill three members of Misfits, and end the game.  Game two seemed to be going completely to Misfits favour, with an 8 thoasand gold lead at the twenty minute mark. Misfits completely dominated the map and bully H2K out of their own jungle. However, an incredibly impressive play from ‘Odoamne’ securing a qruadrakill for himself allowed H2K the opportunity for the comeback. This misplay by Misfits seemed to be just the beginning as more and more kills were given away to H2K.  Using ‘Odoamnes’ on Camille to hyper carry the game, allowed H2k to finish the game.

G2 Esports vs Mysterious Monkeys

The final Day of week five and the first game is reigning champions G2 vs Mysterious Monkeys. With Mysterious Monkeys gaining their first win at the start of the week, they were optimistically hoping to get their second here. Despite showing a lot of promise and holding even against G2, a massive misplay from Mysterious Monkey in the Baron pit gave G2 the opening they needed to end the game. The second game went much more as expected, with G2 gaining an early lead and using that lead to snowball into the mid game. With G2 focusing all their efforts onto the mid-lane, they completely shut down ‘CosQ’. With one of their carry’s becoming almost useless Mysterious Monkeys were unable to pose much of a threat meaning it was only a matter of time before G2 gained the win.

Ninjas in Pyjama vs Unicorns of Love

The final game of the week is against the fan favourites Unicorns of Love vs the team that has yet to win a game, Ninjas in Pyjamas. Game one was a big surprise for everybody involved, with two kills onto ‘Vizicasci’ thanks to the teamwork of the top-laner and jungler. After another expertly executed play onto the bottom lane Ninjas in pyjamas were able to snowball all of their lanes into a very dominating mid game. In this first game of the series it was clear that UoL completely underestimated Nip, and this gave the Ninjas the opportunity to win their first ever game in the EU LCS. Game 2 started out almost the same, with NiP dominating all lanes and gaining kills across the map.

This time they were unable to hold onto the lead, and UoL soon turned the game around and in typical UoL fashion gained control, and the win, of the second game. For the first time this week a series went onto a third game. The final game and NiP completely dominate the game, going six and zero in the first sixteen minutes of the game, it looked like NiP were on their way to winning the series. Unfortunately NiP did not respect the flank potential of a Hecarim and they were soon on the back foot. UoL continued to use their flank potential to begin every fight, and each time NiP were caught completely off guard. A sneeeky Baron play and UoL turned the game on its head, giving them the gold lead. Shortly after UoL prove their dominance by cracking open their opponent’s base, and simply walk the super minions towards the nexus to win the series.

The fifth week was full of surprised, with all teams getting better each day, and all teams being pushed to their limits. Even though only 1 game this week made it to the final game, every game so far has been extremely close. Fnatic are extending their lead in Group A, but Group B has everything to play for as there is only one win between the top three teams.