Ups and downs from the first day of the EU LCS


Day one of the EU LCS has begun and it started with an explosion of new champions, items and tactics from all teams involved. There is a lot to talk about and discuss, so let’s start with the exciting series between H2K and Splyce.

The first game between H2K and Splyce started rather typically, both teams opting for team fight orientated comps. At first, aside from a couple of early mistakes from “Jankos”, giving away first blood to “Trashy” after a badly timed invade, both teams were happy to scale into late game. While everyone could agree that individually, Splyce seemed to have the stronger members, however, as a team, H2K’s superior decision making and commitments pushed them ahead and gained them the game one victory.

Game two was an entirely different game. The gloves came off and nerves seemed to slip away as both teams took high risks in champion select. Splyce looked deep into their champion pool with Akali top and Lucian mid, with both solo laners looking to snowball hard. Expert play from jungler “Jankos”, enacting revenge onto opposing jungler “Trashy” meant that neither lanes could get the jungle support they needed. After 3 kills collected by “Jankos” in the early minutes of the game, it was easy for him, and the rest of H2K to gain control. The game was kill heavy and action packed, with top lane being especially bloody. It was clear from the start that the Akali Vs Fiora matchup was always going to go strongly one way or the other. It was Fiora gaining the early lead that gave top-laner “Odoamne” the chance to capitalise, gaining an impressive KDA of 8/2/1.

Despite impressive showings from all of team H2K it was support “Chei” who came away with player of the series. His impressive Thresh flays and on point death sentences were often the catalysts for many successful engagements.

Moving onto the second matchup of the day with Fnatic Vs Misfits. All eyes were on Fnatic to see if they would finally reclaim their old glory. With a B tier ADC in Tristana for “Rekkles” it was going to be an interesting match, showcasing the strengths and weaknesses of both teams. However, an early lead gained by Fnatic meant that they could successfully take advantage of Misfits mistakes to secure them the victory. Mid-laner “Caps” exceeded everyone’s expectations with an impressive Taliyah showing, proving to everyone that he is a force to be reckoned with.

Despite an impressive victory in the first game, it was in the second game that Fnatic truly dominated. Securing an early triple kill, made by superstar ADC “Rekkles,” Misfits looked lost and confused as play after play seemed to fail for them. It was truly a Fnatic fiesta with a record-breaking short game time of just 22 minutes and 16 seconds. Does this mean the former champions are ready to claim their title once again?

It was a great day for support mains everywhere as, for the second time in the Summer Split, the support role achieved player of the series. The impressive performance by “Jesiz” on comfort pick Thresh, allowed Fnatic to gain the lead; cementing the chained warden securely back into the meta.