Is this the downfall of SKT?


SK Telecom T1 Esports Betting TeamSK Telecom T1 are widely regarded as the best team in the world by not only Korea, but throughout every region including League fans in NA, EU, OCE and CN. Their stance on the global scene has been fairly stable throughout the past five years, excluding their disastrous performance in 2014 where they failed to even qualify for the 2014 world championships. Beside that hiccup, SKT has won 3 world championships, from 2013, 2015 and most recently, the 2016 League of Legends World Championship.

SK Telecom T1 were performing well in the Summer split, until their downfall began in Week 6.

Throughout the year, at least ever since the past 3 weeks, SKT had been performing extremely well, having taken first place at the LCK Spring Split and LCK Spring Playoffs, anchoring their stance as Korea’s top team. They were also able to plant their flag once again in the international scene by topping the Mid-season Invitational, where they defeated multiple top teams from NA, EU and CN.

SK Telecom T1 were performing well in the Summer split, until their downfall began in Week 6. Prior to that, SKT had nine wins and one loss behind their belt, having only dropped their first game to Samsung Galaxy in Week 1 in a shocking 2-0 defeat for the world champions. They ended Week 5 with a 9 match win streak against the various LCK teams – no small feat.

However, their first game in Week 6 was once again a match against their biggest rival in the LCK, Samsung Galaxy. This game placed a lot of pressure on the SKT members, as losing against the same twice would be crushing, and would put a serious dent in their reputation as the world’s best team.

Sadly, that is exactly what happened. SKT once again lost to Samsung Galaxy 2-0. This lead SKT to tilt beyond belief, and drop their following 2 games against rivals, Afreeca Freecs and Jin Air Greenwings. SKT weren’t even able to hold a single, stamping them with four ‘2-0’ defeats in the current LCK Summer split standings.



While SKT have lost their past 3 games, it’s no cause for distress. It is likely only a short term stumble, where they fell into tilt losing to Samsung twice and will likely recover. Even if they struggle to overcome the loss in time to take first place in the LCK Summer Split, they are likely almost guaranteed to qualify for the 2017 League of Legends World Championship through championship points.

That said, if SKT were not able to make it through to the World championships, it would likely spell disaster for the team as they engage in a huge roster shuffle. SKT has a huge history of swapping out talented members, such as Piglet and Benji, while past their prime, were still top tier.