NA LCS: what the standings mean for your odds


With week two completed and the standings starting to cement, teams are on the rise and dreams are slowly crumbling. After the initial shock of the opening week, the odds are starting to return to what everyone assumed would be the standard. But, there may still be quite a few surprises heading into the middle of the season, especially with the upcoming patch in 2 weeks for the professional scene, so let’s break down what to keep in mind for week 3 of the North American League Championship Series.

Summer NA LCS what the standings mean for your odds

The Good

Counter Logic Gaming: After their sole loss to TSM on the last day of week 2, look for CLG to redeem themselves during week 3. With matches against Flyquest and Phoenix1, both of whom are sitting at the bottom of the tables, look towards CLG for a low risk and low reward gamble.

Cloud 9: After an extremely disappointing first week, C9 look rejuvenated and ready to tackle any obstacle in their path to redemption. Although they will be going against Immortals who are at the top of the tables, bet on Jensen and Contractz to step up and take over the games between both IMT and Flyquest.

Summer NA LCS week 3

Immortals: Although Immortals may have a tough game against Cloud 9 in this upcoming week, they are looking increasingly solid in gameplay after the swap for Xmithie into the jungle. Take into account how the meta has favored tankier vanguard junglers with initiations and utility, Xmithie has become a fierce competitor and solid support for the Immortals line up.

The Meh

Team Solo Mid: From what we’ve seen in weeks 1 and 2, I’d wait before you lay your money down on this team. Although they have proven that they still have the old macro play, the experimentation of different styles and gameplay lead them to be an unstable matter, and one that laying down your money may not be worth doing. Until they are in dire straits and must get wins to move on to the playoffs, betting TSM will be more risk than reward.

Team EnvyUs: Traditionally known as the roster of Castaways, Team EnvyUs have definitely come to fight for their pride. After taking down the titans of Immortals and Team Solo Mid in week 2, they look to have a decently safe week 3. But, although they’ve toughened out the worst of the opening weeks, they are known to waver at key points in the season. Only bet on these guys if you wish to play a bit more chancey with your money.

The Bad Idea

Team Liquid: After an abysmal opening weeks, TL don’t look any closer to finding their groove. Like beating a dead horse, they still have to face the titans of Immortals and TSM during week 3. Only bet on this team if you wish to watch your gamble die in the first 5 minutes, or if you have the Goddess of Luck tied to your hip.

Echo Fox: After Echo Fox rode the waves of a nice 2-0 during week 1, they were quickly brought down to earth with a nailbiter of a match against C9, placing them at 2-2 going into week 3. Playing up against Team EnvyUs and Dignitas after such a demoralizing loss places Echo Fox on the “No Bet” List. Bet at the risk of your own wallet, all while praying for a miracle.