League of Legends Quarter Finals Predictions


lol-world-championship-2017Day 1 – Longzhu Gaming vs. Samsung Galaxy

The first day of the quarterfinals will definitely not disappoint, likely being the most action packed series coming from the quarter finals.

Longzhu Gaming and Samsung Galaxy are top tier Korean teams who have competed against each other multiple over the last few seasons. While Longzhu were the winners of the LCK – becoming the top-tiered team in Korea – Samsung too have topped the ladders of the LCK many times in the past. Korean teams tend to have a tradition to hide their potential until the quarter-finals / semi-finals, so it’s entirely possible Samsung has been concealing their true strength.

Prediction: Longzhu Gaming 60% | Samsung Galaxy 40%

Day 2 – SK Telecom T1 vs. Misfits Gaming

While in the scheme of things, by no means are Misfits Gaming a bad team, there isn’t a shred of doubt that SKT will totally overwhelm Misfits. Misfits were only barely able to qualify for the quarter finals, placing second in Group D with a 4-3 standing, ahead of TSM by only a single win. SKT on the other hand placed first in Group A, by far the most competitive group in the world’s group stage. While SKT did have some pretty rocky games in the past with their massive losing streak in the LCK and subpar performance at worlds (even though they got the wins), they still possess great communication and overall game sense allowing them to surpass their competitors.

Prediction: SK Telecom T1 85% | Misfits Gaming 15%

Day 3 – Royal Never Give Up vs. Fnatic

Royal Never Give Up has always been a strong force in the world’s scene, this year being no different placing first in Group C (5-1). Fnatic on the other hand were able to secure their place in the quarter finals, only second to Longzhu in their group. Both RNG and FNC are pretty decent teams, but China being Royal Never Give Up’s home ground, gives RNG a slight advantage.

Prediction: Royal Never Give Up 57% | Fnatic 43%

Day 4 – Team WE vs. Cloud 9

Team WE are undoubtedly the under dogs at worlds, unexpectedly claiming first in Group D. While many considered their group to be one of the easiest at worlds, they have earnt the respect of many. WE managed to topple 3 well-known names, Misfits, TSM and Flash Wolves. Considering they were able to pull this against TSM, North America’s top team, it is likely they would also topple C9, the team who had been sent to the play-ins stage.

Prediction: Team WE 65% | Cloud 9 35%