Patch 8.1 notes – Rundown


This is definitely the last patch before the official start of season 8 next week. Season 8 will roll out on the early morning of January 16th. From this, we can expect quite a few changes to the new runes system as Riot aims to rebalance the game.
As a minor tweak, you can now gain a hextech chest whenever you earn a S- grade, instead of the previous strictly S or S+ ranks.
LoL Champion Changes Patch 8.1

Champion changes

Brand: Huge buff to brand, his passive percentage health damage on all his abilities has been doubled to 4% of a target’s maximum health.

Evelynn: Minor bug fix regarding her E’s interaction with the loss of vision causing cooldown error.

Graves: Minor tweak on his Q, costs less mana at the higher levels to ease mana strain late game, cooldown on Q also reduced by one second at all levels. W now provides an effective 50% slow at all points, but slow now only lasts 0.5 seconds.

Heimerdinger: Finally, Riot is nerfing this champion’s evolved turret damage. The base damage has been heavily reduced at all levels by about half, but the scaling AP ratio will remain at 0.7.

Kayle: E cooldown now spread across 18-14 seconds based on level. Fairly ignorable change considering Kayle players usually get 40% CDR and have unlimited E anyway in the late game. That said, it does slightly dampen her early game lane pressure.

Skarner: He’s been fairly week the past season, so they’ve once again decided to give him a minor buff. The E proc base damage has been significantly increased and stun time increased by 50% (now 1.5s)

Syndra: Ult animation now looks smoother and balls summoned won’t bug out.

Zoe: Since Zoe’s damage is already much too high, the additional burst damage from Hextech Gunblade’s active effect will no longer be dropped by minions. When E misses, the trap forms an additional delay 0.2 seconds later than before (0.6s > 0.8s). Minor time tweak on R.

Honor reset

As the new season kicks in, not only ranks but honor levels will also reset. However this isn’t a completely even reset, higher honor ranked players will receive a small advantage compared to those who are less honorable.

Dishonorable / Honor level 1 / Honor level 2 > Stay the same, no reset
Honor level 3 > Honor level 2, checkpoint 1
Honor level 4 > Honor level 2, checkpoint 2
Honor level 5 > Honor level 2, checkpoint 3

Starting at a higher honor checkpoint will make it easier for you to promote to honor level 3. Surprisingly, the reset only applies to people with honor level 2 or above, as people below (who had been toxic last season) will have to earn their way back to the ‘base’ level.

Reaching a higher honor level/checkpoint will give various rewards such as champion capsules, key fragments, blue essence, emotes or even the rarer Grey Warwick / Medieval Twitch skins (Honor 5).

Patch 8.1 Honor levels