Patch 7.17 Rundown


Riot Games has just dropped their Patch 7.17 notes, detailing of what’s to come once we receive the fortnightly server downtime. We’ll go through the champion and item changes to come and lightly touch on the other aspects of the patch notes.

Champion changes

Draven: Draven has received a huge nerf. As many know, Draven has his Adoration passive which provides him a huge amount of gold, granting he cs’s somewhat well and doesn’t feed too much. This makes Draven extremely snowball-y. To ‘balance’ this, Riot has increased his adoration stacks lost on death from 50% to 75%, and reduced the base gold on champion kill by half.

Ezreal: Ezreal will be receiving a minor damage increase through his Mystic Shot. Damage scaling will increase from 1.1 to 1.25 of his total AD. While this is a simple way to add damage to this fairly unpopular champ, Ezreal’s buff was certainly planned to coincide with the new Ez skin.

Hecarim: While in ult, his E Will not tick. This is a minor change that would help him a bit more in ganks. Fear duration on R has also been changed from a base 1 second, to 0.75 at level one and set to scale up to 1.5 seconds at level 3.

Leona: Passive mark duration will be cut from 3.5 seconds to 1.5 second, but its damage will be increased overall. Her Q will have a base 6 second cool down. The change will encourage Leona to level her W first in the laning phase, and increase her threat early game.

Maokai: Hitting wards will not trigger his passive anymore.

Urgot: His W will reset his ‘locked on’ debuff. Urgot’s ult has also been nerfed, the duration for slow and reactivation is up from 3 to 4 seconds.

Zed: Fairly negligible changes. Base attack speed up from 0.644 to 0.651 and his W now last 5 seconds, not 4.5. That said, at least this change will come into effect once urf ends.


Item changes

Ardent censer: The attack speed and health drain buff will be set to a base 25% throughout the game. This intends to reduce its power late game. (removes scaling effect)

Rotating game mode: As always, Riot will bring a special game mode that runs for selected dates throughout the patch.

The new mode is Hunt of the Blood Moon. You pretty much kill monsters and enemy champions to a receive buff turning you invisible to ‘hunt down your enemies’. You will only be able to play a set 20 champions, 10 of which are free.