Patch 7.18 – Champion Changes


The recent Patch 7.18 has recently rolled out. In this post, we’ll be summarizing all the champion changes. As always, Riot has tweaked champions in an aim to balance the game.

Azir: Misplacement of his clones seriously reduces Azir’s team fighting potential. In an attempt to raise his damage for the late game, Riot will be increasing his ultimate’s base damage at every interval. At max level, Emperor’s Divide will deal 450 damage, up from 300. A fairly decent increase.

Cassiopeia: Her E has been slightly tweaked, while the base damage on poisoned targets has been reduced, the scaling damage (from her AP) will be increased from a 0.4 to 0.5 ratio. Cass players tend to lean towards more health items while being able to dish huge damage, the change will lead Cass players to build more AP as they scale or risk losing quite a bit of damage.

Cassiopeia – League of Legends © 2017 | Riot Games

Elise: Similarly with the Cass change, Elise’s W damage has been tweaked, base damage reduced but scaling ap ratio increase from 0.8 to 0.95. Overall, we’ll see Elise definitely build Runic Echoes more often, she’ll be a lot burstier so watch out! Elise’s repel cooldown has been increased at the higher levels, pretty negligible change.

Fiora: Riot seriously had to stop tweaky Fiora. Her passive movement speed has been increased at all intervals by 5%, this’ll boost her chasing potential. Fiora’s ultimate will once again grant herself the passive movement speed every time she hits a vital (re-added).

Gnar: Base health reduced from 540 to 510. This aims to reduce Gnar’s early game theoretically, but practically, is a ½ auto difference.

Gragas: Base armor reduced from 29.05 to 26.05. This is a fairly large nerf for Gragas, as he’s known to be a great early game jungle camp clearer. It’ll likely stop Gragas from getting 1 or 2 camps in his first run and delaying his jungle item if he opts for an early gank (typical choice).

Ivern: Small buff to his E damage. The base damage and ap ratio (damage) has been slightly increased. Ivern isn’t known very well as a damage champion, so this buff doesn’t do too much.

Jarvan: W slightly nerfed. The shield at all levels will be reduced, both its base amount and bonus % wise (for every champion). At max level, if Jarvan jumps into 5 people and shields, the nerf will reduce by around 2 or 3 hundred.

Kalista: Ultimate cooldown has been increased by 30 seconds at all levels.

Kalista – League of Legends © 2017 | Riot Games

Lee Sin: His safeguard, aka W, base shield had been increased by 15 at level 1 from 40 to 55. However overall at the higher levels, the shield has been reduced SLIGHTLY.

Lucian: Cooldown has been increased towards the lower levels, but at max level, it will remain at 14 seconds.

Nautilus: His anchor hook will cost 60 mana at all levels instead of having a scaling cost. In addition in relaxing Naut’s base mana cost, hitting terrain will reduce the cost by half.

Nidalee: Her heal has been slightly increased both at its minimum and maximum ratio. Fairly negligible change.

Ornn: His Living Forge passive has taken a hit. The masterwork upgrades will be locked until Ornn hits level 13. So if you have an AFK Ornn, say goodbye to upgrades. His ultimate will travel towards himself faster, from 1050 to 1200 movement speed. There’s also a whole bunch of buffs to Ornn’s various skills like reduced cooldowns and increased range too.

Rakan: His W’s movement speed has been slightly tweaked, base movement to increase by 200 while his additional movement from his own stats is reduced by 70%. Ultimate collision target is decreased from 200 to 150 while its cooldown has been reduced as it is levelled up.

Rengar: Base armor increased from 22 to 25. Rengar has had fairly poor clear since the rework, so this change will definitely help his early game.

Rengar – League of Legends © 2017 | Riot Games

Ryze: His W’s ap scaling ratio has been DRAMATICALLY increased from 0.2 to 0.6. This’ll increase his damage by quite a fair amount.

Tristana: Tristana’s bomb damage has been reduced at all levels from both its base damage and scaling ratio. The nerf targets Trist as her damage from the bomb, in both harassing early game and crazy burst later on as she scales was much too high.

Rumble: Rumble’s heat bar will now turn orange once it has reached a total of 80.