Odds for week 4: NA LCS Summer Split


As we come to the end of week 3 of the North American League Championship Series, things have started to solidify within the standings. With Immortals, Dignitas, and CLG topping the list, TSM and C9 are not far behind. But, this does mean that there are more opportunities for upsets to happen. Let’s take a look at some of the safe bets, the minor inconsistencies, and the ones that shouldn’t even be bothered.

Safe Bets

Odds for betting for week 4 NA LCS Summer Split

Team Solo Mid

Team Solo Mid may be the only team with an easy line-up. With TSM regaining their former polish and skill, they look to end their first half on a good sprint, after going 2-0 last week. Against the likes of Echo Fox and FlyQuest, both of whom have been on the sharp decline in terms of the winning factor, so it should be clean-up city for TSM unless they decide to “Experiment” some more. Look for them to have a surefire and clean series against both opponents.


Toss Ups

Toss Up Immortals Civil War


Although Immortals is clearly the superior out of the top three 5-1 teams in terms of macro skill and team cohesion, this week will put all those to the test. Facing both of the other top contenders, Counter Logic Gaming and Team Dignitas, Immortals will be put to the absolute test. Although CLG has looked a bit shaky, it does not take away from the fact that they have absolutely fantastic snap decision calls, as well as their extremely aggressive early game pressure. Team Dignitas have proven themselves to know how to dismantle their opponents, as well as scrap with the best of them. Look for Immortals to have to fight harder for their wins than their previous matches.


To say C9 will breeze through their opponents this week would be a bit of a stretch. Although almost surely you can bet that C9 will decimate Team Liquid, the big opponent will be Team Dignitas. If Cloud 9 are able to overcome their indecisiveness in the late game, they should have a much easier time against the likes of Team Dignitas and be able to round out the end of their first half in style.

Don’t bother


Ahh, Phoenix1. Supposedly named after the legendary beast that is able to rise again and again after dying, Phoenix1 have yet to produce any results, being the sole 0-6 team in the league. Since being 3rd in the split during spring, this is a considerable downgrade for them. Even though they will be playing against the likes of Team Liquid and Echo Fox, don’t count on them to actually be able to pull out a win. With the light taken from their eyes, Phoenix1 would be a Hail Mary in any situation.