Major changes to hit League of Legends in 2018


Riot has released an update over the weekend detailing the changes to hit in the upcoming pre-season. Following one of the biggest changes last year to masteries, honor and overall client, this year’s transition will be no exception.

The developer claims they have looked deeply into community complaints and hope that the upcoming changes will address a few of them. We can expect to see changes to the levelling system, runes system and the acquisition of champions too.

Runes to be free in the future

Riot has rolled out its huge 90% + discount on their existing runes, allowing players to buy them for around 10 IP each.

Further to this, they have confirmed the runes will be completely free in the future. It is likely Riot held back on making all runes free at the moment to prevent players from testing less than optimal rune arrangements while ranked season play is still active.

By reducing the cost of runes and as such eliminating the need for players to buy them, it allows newcomers to access more champions without having to spend all their IP/Blue essence on runes first.

As many know, runes are essential, as a player with optimal runes have a great advantage over people with level 2 runes, let alone no runes at all. Not to mention the huge savings in the long run, where a fully completed rune page prior to the discounts could cost as much as 12k IP.

Removal of level cap

There will no longer be any hard cap on a player’s League of Legends level. While level 30 has been League’s level cap since it was released, it stunts a player’s interest to progress in the game, with the only incentive being to build skill and rise the ladder in rank play.

With the removal of the level cap, players will now not only be able to progress, but also be given incentives to play. Every time a player levels up, they will receive a “capsule” which can be instantly opened in the loot section to receive skin or champion shards (+ the other prizes in hextech loot boxes)

Changes to hextech loot

As players are expected to gain more shards overall (if they play and level up) compared to before, Riot has stated they will be introducing two huge changes to the overall process.

First of all, the disenchant value will be dropped fairly significantly, so Riot has advised all players to disenchant all shards you will not upgrade for maximum value before the change hits.

In addition, the signature featured that allows you to reroll 3 temporary shards for a permanent shard will be removed.

Since the beginning of time, League has always had two currencies, RP and IP. For one of this year’s biggest change, there will the removal of IP. IP will now be replaced with blue essence, this means that players will essentially be able to convert disenchanted champion shards to usable currency, granting them the ability to choose a champion they want to play.