All you need to know – LoL Preseason


As the end of the year approaches, Riot has released details of preseason changes to come. An opportunity to release new game-breaking changes before the actual ranked season begins, the preseason allows Riot an opportunity to get feedback from the whole community (instead of those just in PBE).


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There are a bunch of major changes to hit the game, such as the removal of the level cap, removal of IP and most importantly, the overhaul of the runes system. Let’s take a look.

Changes to runes

Last year Riot had released new masteries, this year, they will be completely reworking the current ‘runes’ system. Instead of the pre-existing system where players have to purchase specific runes which give a range of in game stat buffs, whether it be AP, AD, Armor, etc, the new system will work similar to the current mastery system.

To set up rune pages, players will have the opportunity to pick both a primary and secondary tree between fiver pillars: Precision, Domination, Sorcery, Resolve and Inspiration. All the buffs in every tree are completely different. Similar to the existing mastery system, people who pick their primary pillar / tree will select one buff from every stage, while the secondary pillar only allows players two buffs from that pillar. Only difference between new runes and old masteries being, you can’t take a split of a buff in a stage.

Check out the new runes in action:

Compensation for runes / rune pages

Since the pre-existing runes will be removed, Riot will partially compensate players who have purchased runes and rune pages. Riot will primarily do this through blue essence (the new currency).

1x – Tier 3 marks, seals, glyphs = 100 Blue Essence each
1x – Tier 3 quints = 300 Blue essence each
1x – Rune page (Bought with IP) = 1500 Blue essence
4x – Rune page (Bought with RP) = One Epic skin (random)

Removal of level cap

Riot has announced they will be completely removing the level cap. This is intended to reward people who play the game more as not only will they get to boast their higher level, but people who play more, get more rewards. Now, every time you level up, Riot will send you an unlocked champion capsule that will both contain a champ shard and blue essence. At special milestones, you will also be awarded with gemstones / rare emotes.


League of Legends © 2017 | Riot Games

Riot ditches IP

Influence points, aka IP, will be replaced with blue essence as the primary currency of the game. Since Riot will gift players for levelling up, they will remove ability for players to gain currency at the end of the game. This is the end of the first win of the day reward IP boost, likely to negatively impact the number of active players.

Temporary blue essence store

Since there’ll be a massive influx of blue essence for many players, especially older veterans who have actively played the game for years, Riot will open a special blue essence shop for a short time. With blue essence, an exclusive shop (at the start of preseason) will allow players to purchase: Mystery Mini Icon Boxes, Gemstones, Chromas, Mystery Champions, Mystery Icon Box, Mystery Ward Skin Box and the one of a kind, URFWick skin (Exclusive Warwick skin).


Preseason Update | First look at Runes Reforged: