LCK Week 2, Days 1 & 2 & 3 – Betting Predictions


The LCK – League of Legends Champions Korea – is the supreme League of Legends esports league in South Korea. The tournament features 10 teams battling every other team twice over the course of the split. All matches are played in a Best of 3 (Bo3) format and we’re are expecting some spectacular action to take place at the Nexon Arena this week. Here are our predictions for Week 2.

Day 1

Afreeca Freecs vs. KING-ZONE DragonX

While in hindsight, KING-ZONE DragonX should be greatly favored considering the roster took the top spot in the 2017 LCK, compared to Afreeca Freecs who usually places near the bottom of the pack, it may not be so simple. In week 1, Kingzone dropped the ball against KSV (previous Samsung roster), showing a drop in performance. Afreeca on the other hand were able to defeat kt, a top 3 team in the LCK, going 2-0.

While Kingzone is slightly favored, Afreeca has a fair chance in taking the match.

Afreeca 42% l KING-ZONE DragonX 58% – Mid bet Afreeca

bbq OLIVERS vs. ROX Tigers

While bbq are currently ahead of ROX Tigers in standing, the victor for this match is pretty straight forward. Bbq’s win was merely against KONGDOO, a Bo3 they barely won. While ROX’s lost their first match, where they managed to take a game against the 3 times world champions.

bbq may struggle and get one win at best, in the end, ROX should smash them easily.

Bbq OLIVERS 20% l ROX Tigers 80% – Mid to high bet on ROX

LCK Week 2, Days 1-2-3 bbq OLIVERS

Day 2

Jin Air GreenWings vs. MVP

Another clear winner – Jin Air GreenWings have shown to be really strong this year by managing to take down SKT, first blooding them in all three games! In contrast MVP dropped their first game to the KONGDOO MONSTERS 0-2 and later going on to lose once again, this time to kt.

Easily in favour of Jin Air

Jin Air GreenWings 85% l MVP 15% – High bet on Jin Air

kt Rolster vs. SK Telecom T1

This is a battle between two teams from the upper echelons of the LCK, it’s expected this match extends to the full Bo3. SKT and kt have been rivals for years, wins constantly being traded back and forth. SKT does seem fairly weaker this year having changed most of their core roster from 2017 while kt also flopped in week 1 (losing to Afreeca).

kt Rolster 46% l SK Telecom T1 54% – Low bet on SKT

LCK Week 2, Days 1 -2-3 SK Telecom T1

Day 3


While KONGDOO are up one game against ROX, KONGDOO played two games compared to ROX who has only played one (against SKT). The difference between the teams are too great, it’s expected ROX will not only dominate the early game, but smoothly transition into the mid and late game without much contest.

KONGDOO are rank somewhere in between a CK and LCK team, having gone between the two scenes on multiple occasions while ROX have displayed they’re a mid to high tier team in the LCK across the years.

ROX Tigers 74% l KONGDOO MONSTER 26% – High bet on ROX

KSV vs. Afreeca Freecs

This match is highly in favour of KSV. The 2017 world champions remain together and aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. Both teams are currently undefeated in Week 1, however, KSV has already taken out both KINGZONE and Jin Air, both top tier teams regarded much better than Afreeca. While the 2018 Afreeca looks much better than last year, it is extremely unlikely KSV will drop the match unless they drop their first game (in the Bo3) and tilt beyond reason.

KSV 72% l Afreeca 28% – Mid bet on KSV