Hot Bets for Day 2 of NA vs EU Rift Rivals


After a hectic day one and the salt shakers being shaken, the dust has settled to some degree and we have gotten a good look at the strengths of all six teams. Moving into day two, there are some clear favorites, as well as some wildcard matches, as all the teams have proven that they are able to turn on the afterburners when pushed to the limits. So, let’s look into who will be the best safe bets, as well as possible upset matches.

league of legends rift rivals betting

Safe Matches

Although I call them safe matches, with the strength of all the teams gathered, these will be more along the lines of 60%-40% matches.

TSM vs. UOL – TSM Win:

Comparative to their last match, TSM look absolutely unstoppable. Although they have looked somewhat shaky during the mid-game, TSM have shown time and time again that they have the strengths to completely dominate games when given advantages. After their first match against UOL, it is clear that the decisiveness from TSM will dominate once again.

C9 vs. UOL – C9 Win:

Call me biased all you wish, but UOL have looked absolutely abysmal. Considering they have lost to the 7th place P1, Cloud 9 should have very little issue knocking them down a peg or two as well. Look for C9 to pull out a win to give NA a better foothold.

Toss Ups

TSM vs. FNC – FNC?:

Although Fnatic have gone to a 1-1 record, they are still one of the most dominant teams at the current Rift Rivals. With Fnatic finding their groove and foothold, look to them for an intense game against TSM, as well as to give EU hope as they have shown a decline within the current tournament.

G2 vs. P1 – P1?:

Although P1 are considered bottom tier, that does not exclude that they have shown sparks of life. Given their performance against UOL, they still have a chance to challenge the other top teams, and will look to give it their all in the upcoming match. Focus on MikeYeung to bring the phoenix to life.

UOL vs. C9 – UOL?:

After giving EU a reason to distrust them, UOL need to step up and show the world that they should not be forgotten. They will have a tough time against C9, but UOL may have the best chance to take them down, as their rough and gritty style may be enough to overthrow the proactive calls of C9. Look to Vizicsacsi and Exileh to carry the skirmishes through.

C9 vs. G2 – Complete toss up:

This match is a bit more troublesome. Although G2 is still considered the best of the best by many analysts and casters, they have not performed as well within their own region, thus wishing to prove to everyone that they can make it. This is almost a perfect parallel to C9, as they have also looked shaky against their NA counterparts going into this tournament. As they both sit at 1-1, look for both of them to attempt a brute force win, proving that they have what it takes to go to the final series.

Rift rivals EU vs NA League of Legends

These are the matches to look forward to. Understandably, we hit on every match to discuss the win possibilities, but these are assumptions. Take what you wish from this list, or bet on your gut. You be the judge.