Highs & Lows of Week Four in the EU LCS


This week was the first time we saw cross table competition, pitting teams from Group A and Group B against each other. With several teams near the top of the respective table. This week had the potential to change the landscape of the competition completely.

Misfits Vs Team Vitality

Day one began with Misfits against Team Vitality. Misfits dominated in game one with a very impressive score for ‘Power of Evil’ who went 11/0 by the end of the game. Team vitality were punished hard for each mistake they made, and were never able to make any form of impact in the game. Game two was much more even and much longer with a record breaking length of over 54 minutes. This late into the game and both teams knew that a single mistake could decide the victor. It ended up being Misfits at fault when they over-extended, attempting to shut down the Twitch and paid for it with the match. Vitality moved as a unit, killing the enemy with efficiency and destroying the nexus. The final game was always in Misfits favour despite an impressive showing from Team Vitality. It was only a matter of time before they came away with the victory.

Fnatic Vs H2K

Series two saw Fnatic up against H2K, with Fnatic looking to extend their lead, a win here would put them at the top of Group A. Game one saw a very classic style from Fnatic, winning comfortably and cleanly to quickly come away with the win. Showing respect to their opponents but having enough engage tools to pull the trigger when the opportunity arises. While game two was even in kills up to the 25-minute mark, Fnatic’s focus on CS and objectives gave them a 10 thousand gold lead. An extremely impressive wombo combo instigated by Jesiz pushed Fnatic even further into the lead giving them everything they needed to win the game, and the series.

Roccat Vs Splyce

Day two started off with Roccat up against Splyce. Roccat maintained control for a large portion of the game, never allowing Splyce to mount too much of a comeback. Slow and steady seemed to be Roccat’s plan as they methodically dismantled Splyce’s base to end the game. The second game allowed Splyce to shine and show the other teams what they are capable of. Establishing an early gold lead, and snowballing straight to a victory. The third game was completely dominated by Splyce, winning every lane and converting that lead into one sided team fights. A win in this series put Splyce at the top of Group B.

Unicorns of Love Vs G2 Esports

The second series of the day pitted UoL against reigning champions G2 Esports. While the early game seemed to go into G2 Esports favour, once the mid-game started UoL were able to out play their opponents to gain a lead and push forward into G2’s base to gain the win. The second game was much more into G2 Esports favour. With each lane gaining a substantial lead, they could convert it into a solid mid game gaining kills across the map.  In stark contrast to game one, it was G2 who showed dominance throughout.  The final clash between these two saw G2 on the back foot almost immediately giving away both first and second blood in the game. UoL were able to take advantage of G2’s early mistakes allowing them to quickly disarm their defences to gain the series win.

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Fnatic Vs Mysterious Monkeys

The final day of the week saw a top vs bottom match up and group leaders Fnatic faced off against Mysterious Monkeys. Game 1 was much closer than first anticipated but superior game knowledge and confidence from Fnatic pushed them towards the victory. Even though Mysterious Monkeys played a very impressive match, some unnecessary mistakes allowed Fnatic to take the advantage and the lead. The second game was much the same, with both teams making similar progress throughout the game. A mid game fight just before the 40-minute mark turned the game heavily into Fnatics favour, and Mysterious Monkeys were never able to recover.

Ninjas in Pyjamas Vs H2K

The final game of the week had Ninjas in Pyjamas against H2K. The first game had each team showing great respect for each other, both struggling to find a dominant lead. The gold was almost even at the 40-minute mark; however, it was an impressive shockwave from ‘Ferbiven’ that managed to shut down the Caitlyn, leading his team to the victory. Game two was a little more in H2K’s favour.

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Fight after fight went their way, and an outstanding showing from ‘Nuclear’ meant it was only a matter before they gained the win.

To conclude, this week had ups and downs for all teams involved, with obvious improvements from the lower tier teams, and the top tier teams all with a shot at the championship. Everything is still to play for as we move into the second half of the split.