Highs and Lows of Week 3 in the EU LCS


Mysterious Monkeys vs Team Vitality

Day one and it’s the battle at the bottom as Mysterious Monkeys and Team Vitality go head to head. With both team sitting at 0-3 one of them was finally going to walk away with a win. The first game was slow and steady, with neither team willing to dedicate too much to gain the lead. A Baron steal and an ace to follow up, allowed Team Vitality to gain the win. Game two seemed like a repeat as a 5v5 team fight around the Baron pit gave Team Vitality the chance to gain a big gold lead which pushed them into the enemy’s base, finishing the game soon after.

Roccat vs Fnatic

Second series of the day saw top of the table team Fnatic face off against Roccat. In the first game Fnatic used a slow and steady pace to strangle the life out of Roccat. With a poor showing from ‘Phaxi’ in the top lane it was only a matter of time before Roccat’s Nexus was destroyed. Game two seemed to go entirely in the favour of Fnatic, their slow and steady pace allowing them to push their gold lead higher and higher. However, a Baron steal and a big push from Roccat meant that even with the 10 thousand gold deficit, Roccat were still able to turn the game around to get the victory. Suffering from a surprising loss in game two, Fnatic appeared to be on the back foot, giving Roccat an early lead. With ‘Pridestalker’ able to steal not one but two Barons from the opposing team, and some better choices in the champions draft, gave Roccat the tools to claim a series victory over Fnatic.

Misfits vs G2 Esports

Day two’s line up pitted Misfits against G2 Esports. With both teams being equal in wins and losses, each team was looking to pull ahead in the fixtures. Game one was played heavily in Misfits favour with no engagement from G2. The excellent team composition of Misfits allowed them to come out ahead in the first game. In game two G2 seemed back on form, generating an early lead and holding onto it convincingly. An early baron combined with a 10 thousand gold lead by the 20-minute mark, meant that the defending champions could close out the game quickly and confidently. The third game was completely dominated by Misfits, only losing one tower in the entire game. With every lane winning hard and fast, G2 had no time to execute their protect the carry composition. A confident showing by Misfits will have left G2 wondering what happened to their second game dominance.

Unicorns of Love vs Splyce

Splyce vs Unicorns of Love

The second series of the day was Unicorns of Love vs Splyce. Game one was consistently even, with the gold lead being practically even all the way up to the 30-minute mark.  Then one final team fight going greatly into Unicorns of Loves favour, killing four members of Splyce while only losing one of their own. As the remaining members pushed down mid-lane, the death timers were just too long and the game was soon over. Game two had a lot of back and forth, with Splyce gaining kills but UoL gaining the objectives. However, before long the kills proved too much for UoL and with the death timers getting longer and longer, it was only a matter of time before Splyce gained the victory. Game three was almost instantly in Splyce’s favour, with all their carries gaining a substantial lead. With one final team fight in the top lane scoring Splyce an ace, they pushed their lead to gain the series win.

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Roccat

The final day of week 3 saw Ninjas in Pyjamas up against Roccat. In the first game of the series Roccat dissected the weaknesses of NiP and cleanly came away with a victory. Some key decision-making skills and better team fight capability ensured that Roccat pulled ahead and stayed there. The second game started out almost the same, with both teams going even for the first 20 minutes. However, a decisive Baron call from Roccat allowed them to gain multiple towers and make an almost 6 thousand gold power play. Soon after, Roccat was hammering down the base of NiP and quickly disposed of their Nexus.


H2K vs Team Vitality

The final series of the week saw H2K face off against Team Vitality. Both teams attempted to execute a split-pushing strategy, because of this all eyes were on top lane to see who would pull out ahead and gain control of the side lanes. Even though both top-laners did well early and gained some kills, it was H2K’s Fiora that pulled ahead and gave H2K the victory. The second game went fully in favour of H2K with an impressive 10k gold lead before the 25-minute mark. A large misplay by Team Vitality saw a 2v4 go horribly wrong for them, securing the Baron buff for H2K which secured them the game.

With only one game difference between the top four teams of Group A, and the top 3 teams of Group B all having the same win/loss ratio, it’s all to play for in the cross-group games starting next week.

EU LCS Summer Split Standings