Flash Wolves first to qualify for Worlds 2017


Flash Wolves has officially become the first team to qualify for the 2017 League of Legends World Championships. While nothing had been announced, as the LMS has yet to conclude in order for them to acquire the specific seed placement for the Worlds, they WILL without a doubt be appearing at League’s premier event this year.

How do we know this?

Flash wolves League of Legends world championshipFlash Wolves recently won against Raise Gaming in a tie breaker match to decide the region’s top team. As a reward for being the winners of the 2017 LMS Summer Split, Flash Wolves will be directly allocated a position to compete in the finals of the LMS Summer Playoffs.

While not every team that enters the finals for the LMS Summer playoffs lands a direct invitation to the Worlds, FW will. Usually, only the winning team for the playoffs will directly qualify for a seed in the 2017 League of Legends World Championships.

However, Flash Wolves has already taken first place in the 2017 LMS Spring Playoffs, granting them 90 circuit points.

Finishing top 2 in the LMS Summer Playoffs will either grant a team to direct qualification to worlds, or an additional 90 circuit points to the runners up.

If Flash Wolves were to win, which is highly likely judging from their recent performance, they would obviously attend the Worlds directly. If they were to lose, they would get another 90 circuit points, making them the team with the highest circuit points in their region.

Having the highest circuit points will grant an invitation to Worlds – and so, Flash Wolves either way, WILL be attending worlds.

Teams likely to follow Flash Wolves to attend worlds

Team Solo Mid

Team Solo Mid is extremely likely to receive an invitation to enter the 2017 League of Legends World Championships. Previously, they have taken out the NA LCS Spring Playoffs, receiving 90 championship points. Their recent first place performance at the NA LCS Summer Split directly places them in the NA LCS Summer Playoffs against the lowest remaining seed, which is yet to be decided.

TSM’s strong performance likely indicates they will be advancing to the finals, which will confirm their attendance at worlds. Similar to Flash Wolves’s qualification, attending the finals would either grant them a direct invitation or a spot through having the highest championship points. The only way TSM would not attend worlds is if C9 of P1 somehow enters the finals and TSM loses both their games in a row – extremely unlikely.

G2 Esports

G2 will likely attend world too as they also have 90 pre-existing circuit points from their win at the EU LCS Spring Playoffs earlier in the year. The team’s performance to date in the EU LCS Summer Split has also been fairly strong, only second to Fnatic. It is very likely they will remain second in the ladder and advance straight to the semi-finals in the EU LCS Summer Playoffs.