Day 3 predictions and odds of Rift Rivals: NA vs. EU


After two exhausting days of battling their across-the-ocean counterparts, we are closing in on the end of the group stages. With just six games left, we are left to wonder who will come out victorious and take on their rival to prove that their region is the strongest. With the last day sure to have many upsets, here are the predictions for each match when taking into account player strength, performance, and influences.

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Phoenix1 vs. G2 Esports – 70%-30% Phoenix1: With G2 sitting firmly at last place of the group stages for EU, and Phoenix1 looking to be on the rise with their rookie jungler, P1 look to cement that they are not to be taken lightly. Having already beaten G2 once, I give P1 this game due to possible low morale from G2, as they are known to tilt extremely hard after going on “vacation”.


Unicorns of Love vs. Cloud 9 – 60%-40% Unicorns of Love: This is a pretty close one to call. Although UOL have looked to be gaining back their stride with a 2-0 week, C9 have started looking like their former selves, with decisive calls and clean fights pushing them along. It will all come down to whether or not C9 can continue to keep the clean gameplay up, or if UOL will hunt them down with happiness.


Fnatic vs. Team Solo Mid – 20%-80% Team Solo Mid: With Team Solo Mid sitting at the top of their standings for NA, it’s no doubt that they will look to sweep Fnatic off to the side. Fnatic have looked extremely shaky, barely seeking out victories over P1, and have already dropped a game to TSM, which honestly looked like one of TSM’s most convincing wins, even though Fnatic were given all their comfort picks. Unless Fnatic have a secret composition up their sleeve, look at TSM to take the victory.


unicorns of love rift rivals

Phoenix1 vs. Unicorns of Love – 50%-50%: This one is very difficult to call. Both have looked to be on a resurgence, with P1 being led by MikeYeung, and UOL with Vizicsacsi. Since both sides are looking to prove themselves on the center stage, and UOL fighting to be the EU representative for Rift Rivals, there is no calling this one as it will most likely be an extremely bloody game.


Fnatic vs. Cloud 9 – 45%-55% Cloud 9: Even though I gave UOL the victory of C9’s first match of the day, I do believe that they will have the strength to put up a good showing during the final days of groups. Granted, Fnatic aren’t looking as great at the present moment, but I do think they have what it takes to go toe to toe with C9, just not enough to take the win.


G2 Esports vs. Team Solo Mid – 15%-85% Team Solo Mid: No contest. G2 Esports have looked completely lost and don’t even have a branch to grasp at. With TSM looking to cement themselves as NA’s representative, don’t think that they will go easy on G2 just because they are last place. Enjoy watching this one become a kill contest for TSM’s carries.