Day 2 highlights: EU LCS


Day 2 of the European LCS was a day of firsts; the first three game series; first Xayah and Rakan bot lane duo; and in the final game of the day, it was Zac’s first appearance on the Rift. It is also important to note that G2 had to use 3 of their substitutes, meaning that they sacrificed their second ban phase for each game.

G2 Esports vs Roccat

As with the previous day, nerves seem to be high in the first game of the series as Roccat faced off against G2. It was a slow start to the game as both sides were playing it safe. G2 were more than happy to wait for their Caitlyn to scale, however once Roccat pulled the trigger, their high CC composition allowed them to snowball their way to victory.  With the first appearance of a Xayah and Rakan duo lane, a weakened G2 seemed unsure how to deal with the feathered couple.

Game two saw a completely different G2, this time choosing to focus more around the substitutes than the veteran bot lane. The chemistry between the jungler and mid-laner secured them an early lead. “Blanc” seemed much more comfortable on zoning mage Orianna, allowing him to display his mechanical skill and outplay potential. With ADC “Sven” on late game hyper-carry Kogmaw, it was the perfect composition to allow G2 to showcase their strengths. Showing that, even without a full line up, they are still a very dominant team.

Game three was equally as one sided as the previous match, with the G2 substitutes coming in strong. This time “Blanc’s” champion Fizz coming up big with a strong lead early on. Roccat made some amateur mistakes, which G2 took full advantage of and pushed hard for a successful series. With G2 returning to their full line-up next week, having such an impressive showing in week 1, puts them in a good position to be once again undefeated during the Summer Split.
With an amazing performance in games two and three, its unsurprising that G2’s mid-laner “Blanc” was crowned player of the series. When you consider this gentleman joined the main roster just the day before, his dominance of mid-lane and playmaking potential is even more impressive.

G2 vs Roccat LoL Betting

Unicorns of Love vs Team Vitality

The first game of this series seemed to be going in favour of Vitality. After scoring first blood, first brick, and gaining the infernal drake early on, Vitality looked on the way to perfectly enacting their one, three, one team comp. However, Unicorns of Love’s defence of mid lane in the face of the Rift Herald, allowed them to keep composure, and quickly turn the game around. With Vitality looking so strong in the early game, they will be disappointed to have not claimed the victory. Vitality’s late game pitfalls will be something that will need to be looked at in future games. Likewise, UoL will look to improve their early game strategy.

The focus of game two revolved around the debut of Zac. While often banned in previous games, a lot of fans were excited to see what the reworked champion could deliver in pro-play. Even though “Xerxe’s” Zac wasn’t pivotal in his team’s victory, the overall utility and tankiness provided in team fights, allowed for great engages and excellent peel for the damage dealers of UoL. By continuously winning team fights throughout the mid-game and turning those small wins into a bigger lead, UoL secured the victory with ease, showing that preparation and superior game knowledge can take a team a long way.

It was Unicorns of Loves mid-laner “Exileh” who proved to be the main factor in his teams wins, picking up player of the series. With an impressive showing in the spring split also, it will be interesting to watch this team possibly work around his carrying potential in the future.