Cloud9 Announce Academy roster featuring Zeyzal and League


After speculation over who would be joining C9’s #1 Draft Pick for the Academy roster, Cloud9 have formally announced League, Wiggily, Goldenglue, Keith and Zeyzal as their Academy line-up on their official Youtube.

Homegrown talent

Cloud 9 have always been on the cutting edge of finding and nurturing the most premier NA talent since their debut in Season 3. With Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi being the only remaining member of the original roster, C9’s approach for their LCS team has taken more of an international turn with Jensen and Svenskeren being featured in the line-up this year.

After securing three draft picks in the last edition of NA Scouting Grounds, Cloud9 only opted to keep their first round selection of League in the top lane. This comes as no surprise when looking at the talent they had at their disposal for their Academy roster. Blaberfish2 and Ash were fine talents for SG competitions, but Wiggily having a full year of Challenger Series experience under his belt as well as being the most highly touted Jungler in last year’s Scouting Grounds will make him a priority player on the Academy line-up.

Rounding out the top side of the map for C9 Academy is none other than former Dignitas and TL Mid laner GoldenGlue. GoldenGlue finds himself in the ‘veteran’ role for this line-up alongside Keith. The former LCS and CS mid laner has had his fair share of ups and downs in the league since he replaced Scarra in Season 4. This is actually the first time in GG’s career where he will be playing with a fully native roster that can communicate with the same language. Over his career, GoldenGlue has been no stranger to dealing with the hardships of language barriers in voice chat. With all five players on the same page it will be interesting to see how GG can perform with a roster that is catered towards his strengths as a solid communicator and playmaker for the team.

With probably the most surprising pick-up of the roster, Keith at AD Carry for C9 Academy is an all around meme wonderland for fans of C9 Sneaky’s hilarity. As evident in the introduction video, Keith has always been a solid mechanical player with a bit of a goofy side. Given the abundance of role players on this team, it seems like the coaching staff might be looking at Keith as more of a hard carry going into Season 8 as he has proven his ability on a variety of champions such as Jinx and Lucian.

Pairing up with Keith in the bot lane is former EUnited Support Zeyzal. The former Challenger Series contender spent most of the 2016 Season as a Support for Cloud 9 when Smoothie was at his peak. Going into the 2017 season his performances with EUnited as he dominated bot lanes alongside Deftly was a sight to be seen for many fans of the Challenger Series. Zeyzal is one of those few Academy talents that has the chops to succeed on the LCS stage. Pairing up with a veteran like Keith, you can only anticipate the highest of highs for a Support that has had playing roles and coaching roles all over the league since 2014.