Betting odds for Week 6: NA LCS


Now that we are back on course after the thrashing NA handed EU at Rift Rivals, the odds have slowly been shifting in favor of different people. With the talent rising, and some rookies showing strength and prowess on stage, let’s talk about the teams’ chances at coming out on top with their matches.

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Safe Bets

TSM: TSM are looking absolutely dominant at this point in time. Coming off of a completely dominant performance of Rift Rivals and smacking down the haters, they look to continue their experimentation and powerhouse performance in the NA LCS as well.

Matching up against Team Liquid won’t be much of an issue. With Liquid looking like they’re praying for franchising to come about sooner so that they won’t be kicked out, it will easily be a clean sweep from TSM, granted only if they don’t do some crazy compositions in their games.

The main game of TSM will be P1, who have also looked dominant, coming off of a strong showing from Rift Rivals on the back of MikeYeung. Although P1 have looked quite a bit more solid, they do not compare to TSM, and will not be much of a challenge.

CLG: Even though Counter Logic Gaming have looked shaky and have started showing wear and tear around the edges against lower level teams, this week shows extreme promise for an easy 2-0. CLG have always had a strong set of players, and will look to completely prove that once again, as well as having 2 weeks of practice to test out some new strategies.

The FlyQuest match up should be a simple win for CLG. With their last set going 2-1, CLG will be looking to cement the fact that they are still a top 3 or top 4 team, with no question in mind. With FlyQuest looking slightly better after week 5, though, it may prove a challenge.

CLG’s second match will be against Team Dignitas, who have seen a sharp decline in their win rate after the first half of the season. Because of this, look to CLG to capitalize on the fact that they are extremely weak, and look to throttle Dignitas’ shaky mindset.

Little Shaky

IMT: IMT have been knocked off their thrown, but that does not mean that they have lost their strength. IMT still look quite dominant, with just a few issues to iron out. With a strong base, as well as the meta shifting in favor of Xmithie’s more team-orientated playstyle, look for them to come out on top.

The reason they will be a bit shaky is mostly with their match up against C9. After C9 came back at 3rd place in Rift Rivals of the NA teams, C9 look much stronger than they were before they entered, with decent play and good coordination. IMT will have a slightly difficult time steamrolling over C9, and if they take too long to get started, it will easily end up in favor of C9’s aggressive play.

P1: With P1 on a resurgence after the emergence of MikeYeung, P1 look like they have found their footing within the standings. Looking to climb the ranks once again and get their ticket into playoffs, they will need to step it up even more, as NA will not be as easy as EU.

Unfortunately, P1 have a very tough line up during week 6. Going up against Team Dignitas should be a decently easy match, with MikeYeung’s standout performances making in an extreme threat on the team. The big challenge will be facing TSM, who look to smack down anyone that gets in their path. Look to Arrow or Ryu to step up and make sure that P1 have solid games and wins this