All the action from the second week of the EU LCS


Day one began with Misfits against Ninjas in Pyjamas. With NiP looking for their first win of the series, they had nothing to lose going into this match up. However, despite putting up a great fight with excellent map control and outplay potential, it was Misfits that came away with the win going two and zero to win the series.

The second match up of Day one was the two power houses of Group A. Defending champions G2 vs fan favourites Fnatic. Fans could not wait for these two top tier teams go head to head to see who was truly the king of Europe. After game two the series was one a-piece, but it was game 3 that Fnatic showed their power. The critical combination of Shen and Kenned was simply too much for G2 to overcome.

Second day of week two and its Splyce vs Team Vitality. Game one seemed to go heavily into Vitality’s favour, a late game team fight turned it all around for Splyce giving them the win. Game two was much the same, with Jungler ‘Djoko’ getting two kills very early on against the opposing jungler. However as with before, Splyce’s superior mid to late-game play gave them the easy win.

The second series of the day and Mysterious Monkeys were looking to gain their first victory against Unicorns of Love. Game one had UoL looking extremely dominant, ending the game with a 13,000-gold lead at just 26 minutes. Game two was a lot more back and forth, but it was UoL’s team fighting capabilities and objective control that ensured them the victory.

Roccat vs Misfits

The first match up of the third day saw Roccat vs Misfits. With both team sitting around the middle of the table, each team needed a win to avoid falling into the lower third. The series went on to a full three games, showing that both teams had what it took to win, but in game three Misfits dominated over Roccat ending the game in just 25 minutes.

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Ninjas in Pyjamas vs G2

The next series saw defending champions G2 against rookies Ninjas in Pyjamas. Despite an impressive kill lead by NiP in game one, a late-game scaling team composition and excellent farming from G2 meant that they were able secure a baron buff and close out the game. Game two was more to G2’s expectation, with an impressive showing from ‘Zven’ gaining a pentakill in the closing minutes of the game.

The final day of week 2, and the first series is between Mysterious Monkeys and Splyce. Splyce had an impressing showing here taking advantage of Mysterious Monkeys weaknesses. ‘Sencux from Splyce having a very dominant performance in game two on Aurelion Sol. With this loss it now leaves Mysterious Monkeys at the bottom of the table, and having a long way to climb if they want to make any form of impact.

Watch Here Highlights from NiP vs G2 – Week 2 EU LCS Summer

Unicorns of Love vs H2K

The final series of the week saw Unicorns of Love vs H2K. game one looked very impressive for H2K winning all lanes and showing impressive mechanical outplay, all looked set for them to win the series. Game two however was entirely dominated by UoL losing zero towers throughout the game, and only giving away 11 kills to their 23. The last game saw UoL dominant once again giving them the win of the series, and putting them at the top of the table.

UOL make their way to the top of Group B after taking down H2K