2017 Worlds All-Stars League of Legends


With the current professional season done, and the preseason in full swing, we are at the point where we have one more professional event to look forward to before the 2018 season of LoL Esports. That is the League of Legends All-Stars Event, hosted by Riot Games. This is where the most popular players from each region are voted to go and play at an all-star event, this time held in China, and features some popular players already. Not only that, we can see some clear favourites coming out of the teams being formed. If you plan to place your bets, here are the teams to look for.


Korea at it Again

Once again, Korea looks like an absolute monster with their line-up. Although roster swaps seem to be in full swing in the off-season, Korea still seems to have fielded an absolute titan. With Faker heading the mid lane, he is joined by CuVee, Ambition, PraY, and Gorilla. With most of the players coming from SSG and SKT, they look to roll over their opponents.

EU Hates G2

Surprisingly, Europe has decided to field a roster completely devoid of their champions, G2 Esports. Instead, sOAZ, Jankos, PowerOfEvil, Rekkles, and IgNar make up the European squad. Although they seem to be quite strong on paper, it is yet to be seen if they will be able to make a statement for themselves against the other teams.

NA to Disappoint again?

Following an almost abysmal performance at worlds again, North America look to redeem themselves on an international level by sending their best to the All-Stars. Surprisingly, it seems that they didn’t want to. With two members coming from TSM, who fell in the group stages, and only one from Cloud 9, North America opted to send MikeYeung and Aphromoo, two players who’s teams did not qualify for worlds. They are joined by Bjergsen and Hauntzer of TSM, and Sneaky of Cloud 9. No one is sure how this will work, but it seems that this is what North America has opted for.

Chinese PowerHouse

With the LPL having two teams in the semi-finals of Worlds this year, only falling to the Korean gods, the Chinese look to field a team to dominate the All-Star event. The members voted in come from both Royal Never Give up, with UZI and MLXG, and Team WE, with Xiye and 957. Both teams had fantastic performances during worlds, so it is unsurprising that both of them were able to field two members. The last remaining member comes in the form of Meiko, the support from EDG, who were also worlds contenders, but failed to get out of the group stage.

There are a few more regions that need to finalize their rosters, but we should see the other teams come the beginning of December, as the All-Stars event is slated to start on December 7th. With these lineups, everyone is excited to see what happens next, as well as what the smaller and minor regions will bring forth.