Three players who have hit 1000 kills in League of Legends


Within the past 2 weeks, 2 of the most popular Attack Damage Carries have finally hit their long awaiting 1000th kill milestone in League of Legends. This milestone is one of the biggest achievements a professional player can reach, as it signifies their experience and skill within competitive play. To commemorate the two players, we’ll be making a short post about how the top 3 players (highest kills) were able to reach their position on the ladder.

Reaching the 1000th kill mark is EXTREMELY hard, as you would have imagined. Only three players in the history of the NA LCS reached / passed the milestone. This is because players in the NA LCS, obviously, play for the win. That means teams prefer to go for the quick win, instead of prolonging games, resulting in less kills per average on every game, compared to casual or ranked play. Professional players are also required to funnel kills to their teammates, and spread the kills out, where single players rarely ever have over half the team kills, further reducing the kill count per game.

team solomid

Certain roles are usually funnelled kills in competitive play, for example, midlane. This is because as you’ve imagined, mid is one of the two stronger laners in a game, where they require much more gold compared to others as they are required to “burst” enemies in the late game. ADCs also typically get more kills every game, as they are in a 2 v 2 lane, where there are double the opponents, and winning lane usually leads to a fairly large snowball.

Here we look at the top three:

  1. Doublelift

To no surprise, TSM superstar and the person many regard as the best ADC in North America, Doublelift currently holds the record for highest career kills in the NA region. As mentioned before, ADCs usually receive more kills per game compared to other roles, especially if you are one of the, if not the best, ADC in North America. Throughout his career, he has always been a strong player and a lane dominant opponent, usually winning lane and carrying his team. This allowed him to break the 1000th kill milestone mid last year in an AMAZING fashion, fountain diving with the rest of the team.

  1. WildTurtle

As one of the most highly valued players, veteran WildTurtle attained his 1000th kill earlier this year against Echo Fox on Varus. Turtle made his debut as TSM’s ADC and gained the recognition of many on his first game by getting a penta kill against compLexity. His personality as a troll + playmaker has enable him to engage in many more fights compared to other players, thus being able to score more kills. His success on TSM and early on in Immortals also enabled him to get more kills there.

  1. Sneaky

In second place is the Cloud 9 super star, Sneaky. Sneaky’s performance has always been solid throughout his career, strong in the laning phase and a very skilled mechanical players always looking for plays. His ability to sync with his support, whoever it may be, has propelled Sneaky to be one of the best ADCs in North America. If anyone would be able to overtake Doublelift for the highest careers kills in NA, it would be Sneaky. He has played less games than Doublelift, and is extremely close to Doublelift in games per kills, if not slightly higher.