League of Legends Betting Bonus

LOL betting bonus

League of Legends is one of the most popular esports titles in the industry, pitting players or teams against each other in a multi-player battle arena. With the esports betting market set to reach up to £500 million in 2017, LoL is set to play an important part in its continued growth, as competitions such as the World Championships and Spring Split bring in huge audiences from around the world.

The fact that LoL is the esports game with the largest online community demonstrates its potential, with the amount of markets offered by sportsbooks increasing all of the time. Here at lolbetting.live, we search and find the best LoL esport bonuses available on the market.

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What is LoL Betting?

Having first gained traction back in 2011 during the first World Championships, where Fnatic took home the modest £50,000 prize fund, League of Legends betting quickly became a sport for high-stakes punters. The dramatic growth of esports has only seen the interest and demand for LoL markets increase, with the World Championship prize fund now at £2 million, as more and more bettors enter the market.

LoL betting features all of the major tournaments and events throughout the year, with different sportsbooks ranging in terms of the markets provided. Events such as the EU Challenger, All-Star event and World Championship are all available to bet on, alongside the much-anticipated annual League of Legends Championship Series. With LoL action available to punters on an almost daily basis now, it is clear to see why bookmakers are putting so much effort into their esports offerings.

What Type of LoL Bets are Available?

While the types of bet available will of course range from bookmaker to bookmaker, the majority of betting platforms will allow you to back your favourite LoL team to either win their respective group, playoff, or even the outright tournament itself. On top of this, handicap and individual match betting are becoming increasingly popular, with even the opportunity to bet on which team will destroy an inhibitor, slay a baron, destroy a tower or achieve the most kills. So, whether it be SK, G2 esports or Cloud9, you are never likely to be short of options when it comes to LoL betting.

League of Legends also differs entirely from other esports titles, such as Dota2, with many cross-game skills that can improve your chances of being successful when betting. Examining the form and rosters of teams before placing a bet is crucial, with teams able to improve considerably in just a matter of weeks as a result of a new player or change in leadership. While team cohesion is also likely to improve as a result of the hours spent in individual team training houses, individual player skill is likely to remain relatively similar, making your betting selection a little easier.

As a result, researching any potential roster changes, practice time and game patches can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful bet, with gaining an understanding of the game also vital. While you may believe that you know everything there is to know about LoL, understanding how certain players match-up against their opponents is a quickfire method of beating the bookies. You can keep up-to-date with the latest LoL news with us, with team ranking and roster change information readily available. So be sure to know who has the best chance of success the next time Juan ‘Contractz’ Garcia of Cloud 9 takes on SK Gaming’s Jonatan ‘SezzeR’ Villebro.

How to Take Advantage of LoL Bonuses

Bookmakers and esports betting websites will often offer a range of bonuses and promotions in order to both gain new customers, as well as rewarding existing users. Those looking to kick start your League of Legends betting or improve upon your existing record will benefit significantly from taking advantage of such bonuses, with different sportsbooks catering for different wants and needs. Taking some time to look into the different offers provided by bookmakers in order to find the one which suits you the best is the first place to begin, with free bets, enhanced odds and loyalty schemes just some of the generous promotions available.

Taking advantage of a League of Legends betting bonus can be the perfect way to increase your account balance without the need to spend additional funds of your own. Although most will require you to make an initial deposit in order to be eligible for a welcome bonus, this is hardly a drawback considering you are going to be making deposits anyway. While it is of course important to check out the terms and conditions surrounding any bonus offer before making a decision, you can potentially quickly add to your balance by backing the likes of Unicorns of Love and Flash Wolves with a LoL betting bonus.

Many welcome bonuses will require you to meet a minimum level of odds before any withdrawals can be made, as well as betting your bonus funds a certain amount of times, usually between 1-3 depending on the sportsbook. As much as bookmakers use bonuses as a promotional strategy, for customers, it is perhaps the safest and most risk-free method of betting minimal amounts. Extra deposits in the form of free bets are the most efficient method of keeping you in the betting game, making sure that you always have some funds to bet on major events such as the ESL Pro Series and Copenhagen Games.

With the odds offered within League of Legends betting not too appealing as a result of the dominance of the biggest teams from around Europe, the US and Asia, free bets are a lucrative way to make money even on low odds bets. Backing teams like SK Gaming and Fnatic with your bonus is, more often than not, likely to pay off, as this will also make it easier to meet the requirements set by the bookmaker in order to make a withdrawal.

The Best Bookmakers for LoL Bonuses

When selecting the right bookmaker for your LoL betting exploits, it can be easy to simply go for the platform that offers the largest welcome bonus. While this may appear as the best option for all, examining the terms and conditions, markets offered and betting odds available is just as important. Taking all this into consideration, let’s take a look at some of the best bookmakers for customers looking to take advantage of LoL bonuses.

Betway – Betway offer new users a free bet of up to £30 from a minimum of a £10 deposit, while a generous loyalty scheme is designed to reward customers who use their betting platform on a regular basis. For example, gaining 5000 loyalty points can result in a £10 free bet.

Paddy Power – As with Betway, Irish sportsbook, Paddy Power, offer a welcome bonus in the form of a £30 free bet from a £10 initial deposit. As one of the first bookmakers to offer esports betting markets back in 2011, Paddy Power’s range of markets is perhaps more likely to tempt you than their modest bonuses and promotions.

Ladbrokes – Ladbrokes offer new customers a free bet of up to £50 upon registering, which is extremely competitive in comparison to the rest of the industry. Ladbrokes will match any opening deposit, starting at just £5, with their range of esports features, games and promotions making them an ideal platform for any LoL fan. Qualifying bets must be placed at a minimum of 1.50.

William Hill – As one of the oldest and most respected sportsbooks on the web, William Hill provide new customers with £20 worth of free bets when they place a bet of £10 or more. They also provide plenty of other enticing promotions for esports bettors, with loyal customers receiving attractive promotions via email, making it a worthwhile sportsbook to remain signed up to.

Betfair – Betfair are well known for their fantastic range of bonuses and promotions, with their current welcome bonus offering three bets of £10 each, from just an initial deposit of just £10.

10Bet – Despite being a relatively new player in the esports betting game, 10Bet still offer a generous welcome offer, matching any initial bet at a minimum of just £10 by 50%. However, customers should be aware that you must wager your bonus cash six times over, on odds of 1.60 or over, in order to withdraw any potential winnings. Despite this, with a maximum opening deposit of £200, you could potentially receive £100 worth of free bets, of which can be used in any of 10Bet’s esports markets, including LoL.